Diane Dimond/Billie Jean „Be Careful Who You Love“ (a critic)

There are connections between the lies and intrigues of BILLIE JEAN and a former „Tabloid Queen“ named Diane Dimond, who earns herself money with scandals and Michael Jackson.

On June 13, 2005, a proper court with a 12-member jury delivered its verdict on Michael Jackson: „Not guilty on all counts“. Before that verdict, Jackson was examined in court by experts: nine experts in fingerprints alone, experts in DNA, Computer experts, experts for reconstruction of accidents, financial crime, telephones, acoustics, security systems, psychology, pathology. The judiciary also hired child abuse experts because we were told that this was what it was all about. Taxpayers‘ money spent is estimated to be in the millions. Up until 2005, Michael Jackson was judged by at least four judges and some 50 jury members, five prosecutors and the public opinion. On 13.06.2005 the eternally accused was declared „not guilty“ in court.

On November 22, 2005, an „investigative journalist“ named Diane Dimond revealed „The End Result of Confidential Sources“ and sold her very own version of the charges against Jackson. In a book. 1 The topic of the “ confidential“ sources in Dimond’s book: child abuse. An accusation made against Michael Jackson which had never legal validity in court. An accusation, however, with which plenty of money can be made in movies, books and TV shows about Gossip. For her booktitle about alleged childmolestation reporter Dimond used of all things Jacksons song BILLIE JEAN: „Be Careful Who You Love“.


Diane Dimond in her world of „sources“

Tabloid scandals like in Billie Jean or Diane Dimond as Evan Chandlers „closest ally

Dimond’s book is based on the events surrounding an unsuccessful screenwriter named Evan Chandler. That screenwriter had hoped in 1993 for a Hollywood career.  With the help of Michael Jackson. Chandler’s hopes were not fulfilled, but he did not give up. First he threatened Jackson, then he demanded money for four screenwriting scripts from Jackson, and finally, when everything else failed, he had the King of Pop accused of child abuse. In a following typical American civil lawsuit, which was carried out in the media by his lawyer Larry Feldman, Chandler earned himself in the end several million dollars. About those events in 1993, the screenwriter Evan Chandler wrote some sort of script which he again tried to market as a book since January 1994. Chandler’s hopes of marketing this book about his own son and the accusation „Jackson: child molestation“ were once more dashed. And so Evan Chandler sued Michael Jackson again in 1996. This time Chandler demanded to be allowed to sing about the events of 1993, which he had called „a massacre“, in a music album. Chandler had already thought of a title for that music album: „EVANstory“. Again Chandler’s hopes were disappointed, this time a judge did not give him such permission. In 2004 Evan Chandler finally found a book publisher who polished and published his story. Title: „All That Glitters“. Basis for that book was a script the screenwriter had already written in 1993. In essence: EVANstory, the story about Evan Chandler.

Evan Chandler’s text from 1993 was also basis for former „Tabloid Queen“ Diane Dimond’s 2005 book. Dimond describes Chandler’s manuscript as a „42-page chronology“ that „somehow got into her hands„. In the 1990s, Diane Dimond was to be built up to become a „tabloid queen“, thus the persona of gossip press in American TV. In the Chandler story, tabloid reporter Dimond, who earned herself money in creating „scandals“, was so deeply involved that Chandler’s lawyer Larry Feldman praised her:

„Diane Dimond, who’s really your closest ally.

2 Also in 1993 involved was Larry Feldman, Evan Chandlers lawyer. Feldman had litigated Chandlers case in the media, which in the end resulted in a $5 million profit for himself. 

When „the lie becomes the thruth“ with Dimond and Billie Jean or the many ways of the „EVANstory“

In 1996, a questionable character named Victor Gutierrez published his own book about Chandlers „EVANstory“: Gutierrez provided Chandler’s story with his pedophilic fantasies and called it „Michael Jackson was my lover“. In 1999 Gutierrez’s written creation was removed from the market following a court decision.

In 2004 Evan Chandler published together with his brother Raymond the next book about the „EVANstory“. With the help of a specialized publishing company, the brothers turned Evan Chandler’s story from 1993 into some sort of crime thriller. The reader gets the impression Evan Chandler’s book is something like a film script for a Hollywood production

In 2005, gossip reporter Diane Dimond officially joined this group and decorated the „EVANstory“ in her book with the usual headline-grabbing style that reflects her reputation. In exchange, Dimond left out revealing events described by Chandler himself that did not fit into her efforts, to paint a serious portrait of „Dr.“ Chandler. Chandler’s unlawful actions (some of them had brought him to the disciplinary committeee) for example when he allegedly administered Jackson Morphine to the point of unconsciousness in 1993, are among them.

Dimond rewrites Chandler’s own published story

In Dimonds version of the „EVANstory“, she also withheld her own „sensational report“ about her journalistic embarrassment in collaboration with the questionable character Victor Gutierrez and a video fantasy from 1995. Dimond complety withheld the character Gutierrez as well. She also deliberately fails to mention to her readers  that Michael Jackson had personally brought Dimond to court in 1995.

Dimond also does not enlighten her readers about her exact connections to Evan Chandler, which probably have links to Victor Gutierrez , that character with the pedophilic fantasy.

What remains is that Dimond fails in her other efforts to convince the reader of any guilt of Michael Jackson. Combined with the reades own research and background knowledge, Dimonds story has a nasty aftertaste of falsifying facts.

Notable is Dimond’s lack of confidence in Raymond and Evan Chandler’s own version of the child molestation allegation in their 2004 book „All That Glitters“. There are chapters in Chandler’s book, which are simply incomprehensible and completely illogical. And exactly these chapters Dimond rewrites in her own book. But by doing so, she provides something like an unintentional counterevidence. Because if Chandler’s story wasn’t a story, but simply the truth, why does it have to be rewritten so often by those who are so desperate to convince of Jackson’s guilt?

Diane Dimond Paul Barresi
Dimond, be careful who you love, here: Barresi. 2005 Quelle

In 2005, Diane Dimond also promoted her version of alleged child abuse with an ex-porn star: Paul Barresi. In 1993, this ex-porn star provided a couple named Philipp and Stella Lemarque lucrative tabloid interviews with the name „Jackson“ in the headline.
Dimond, be careful who you love. Source: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 

Dimond: „Be careful who you love“ or „many sources later“

In the history of „fake news“, „anonymous sources“ have gone out of fashion in serious journalism. When Dimond dedicates the first page of her book to „all unnamed sources“, she provides a tabloid opening to her 1993 version of the Chandler scandal which could not be more ironic.

Dimond is gloating on Jackson’s strip search

Immediately in the opening chapter Dimond entertains her reader with the strip search of Michael Jackson in December 1993 by prosecutor Sneddon. She dedicates herself in great detail to the „exceptionally degrading“ strip search procedure for „the star“.
Dimonds entire text reminds the reader of the description of a victory.

It’s worth noting that Dimond’s portrayal here is remarkably identical with the portrayal by Victor Gutierrez in his 1995 pedophile novel. Dimond published ten years after Gutierrez. Had Dimond perhaps copied from her „best source„? Or was there simply an exchange of information over the years? (Nevertheless, small poetic differences between Dimond and Gutierrez can be identified: If in Dimond’s version the Jackson’s bathrobe is brown, in Gutierrez’s version it’s „transparent“. In line with the authors taste. And while Dimond makes her Jackson yell „You assholes!“, Gutierrez makes his Jackson yell „sons of bitches!“ at the same second.)

The question remains: How does a gossip reporter get hold of confidential, non-public court transcripts which they then commercializes in a book?

Furthermore Dimond decorated the figure of „her“ Michael Jackson during the body search of the superstar in 1993 as follows: 8 

uneasy, explode in a rage, pointing, shouted directing, enraged, ranted, struggled, attempt to break free, hysterical, completely uncontrollable, fought to control him, to attack, to flee the room, „assholes“, screamed, out of control, state of hysteria, refusing, outburst, struggling, yelled, protested, hostility, anger, scream, oblivious, violently, slapped, ranted, the star struggled, questioned, quickly, coming after, headed to the door, yelled, rage, „with great gusto slammed the door“

And all this in a single chapter in which Dimond desperately tries to explain the non-existence of a photograph that should have been proof of Jackson’s alleged guilt.

Jackson’s handcuffed arrest in 2003, a decade after D.A. Sneddon, „who tipped her off to the raid on Jackson’s Neverland Ranch“9, is Dimond’s additional highlight in her book, and presented to the reader with equal meticulousness.

How „the lie becomes the truth“ or the universe of anonymous „sources“ in the world of Diane Dimond

Dimond explains to the world her version of Michael Jackson through a colorful bouquet of „sources„. Reporter Dimond „cultivated sources“ in her decades-long attempt to find Jackson guilty.

In the media Dimond likes to present herself as an insider. However, in the only trial against Michael Jackson in 2005, the Prosecution considered Dimond and his „confidential sources“ to be so insignificant, that nobody even mentioned her with all her „confidential sources“. These „confidential sources“ existed only in the world of Diane Dimond. In the real world of justice they were worthless. 

Dimond’s book from 2005 and her journalistic reports are a bubbling fountain of all her sources:

„family sources“, „sources close to the family“, confidential sources, law enforcement sources, „cold call“ sources, new sources, „The source“, „several sources“, „sources inside“, „source of mine“, „newly acquired source“, „their Source of information“ geht über in „my source of information“, „informed sources“, „a source“, „another source“, „industry sources“, „business sources“, „reliable sources“, „other sources“, „multiple sources inside“, „a source in england“, „legal sources“, „sources who are experienced“, „an independent source“, „public relation sources“, „informed sources“, „cop sources“,„another source“, „very reliable sources“,„My sources all say“, „My sources are telling me“, „we learned from another source“, „Sources told me“, „sources said“, „according to sources close to“, „were reporting to me“, „sources confirmed“, „this confidential source told me“, „sources … have admitted to me“, „sources told me, emphatically …“, „ sources that I had spoken to“, „sources revealed“, „confidential sources had mentioned“, „source who feel compelled to add“, „I am told by very, very long-term, reliable sources“. 10 

Dimonds sources are not idle:

„sources told me“, „sources said“, „according to sources close to“, „were reporting to me“, „sources confirmed“, „my sources all say“, „this confidential source told me“, „sources … have admitted to me“, „sources told me, emphatically …“, “ sources that I had spoken to“, „sources revealed“, „confidential sources had mentioned“, „source who feel compelled to add“,.

„I am told by very, very long-term, reliable sources“

Michael Jackson was acquitted in court. But in the tabloid-world Dimond tries to pronounce Michael Jackson guilty. At the end of her narrative Dimond uses her potpurri of „sources“ even as some sort of timekeeper:

„many sources later“.

In addition, the „investigative journalist“ Diane Dimond creates her own „Jackson-version“ with the following terms:

grotesquely“, „manufactured“, „path of destruction“, „grossly undereducated but wise in the ways of the worst kind of human behavior“, „anguish“, „longings and secrecy“, „his ever-changing face should have given us the first clue“, „struggled“, „telltale signs“, „extravagant“, „cover up“, „man-child“, „late-blooming antics“, „unthinkable“, „sin“, „Drama“, „struggle“, „bizarre persona“, „face was heavily made up“, „wispy-voiced. 11 

But Dimonds own climax in connection with the allegations of child molestation are crowned by her with the following sentence:

Jackson performed a slow dance of seduction. 12 

Words like these have no place in the description of child abuse, even if it‘ s only claimed. Words like this are entertainment for pedophilia.

Dimonds cult around the term „boy“: no less than 443 times

The reader is taken aback how often Diane Dimond favors the term „boy“ in her book, also the term „young boys“. Dimond uses the word „boy“ no less than 443 times. This also reminds of the pedophilic tendencies of Victor Gutierrez. And both writers, Dimond and Gutierrez, are with their own choice of words far ahead of Michael Jackson. Jacksons always used the term „children“, never did he run the cult around „boys“ like Gutierrez and Dimond had done.

By the way, at the end of her Meinungsmache in 2005 the author Diane Dimond accuses the world-famous entertainer Michael Jackson of influencing the public.

Michael Jackson, Diane Dimond and BILLIE JEAN or how the reporters „lie becomes the truth“

Not only the title with a line from BILLIE JEAN Dimond selected for her book is a continuation of the Gutierrez publication of 1995: „Michael Jackson was my lover“. Dimond and Gutierrez repeatedly use Jackson, since the line „Billie Jean is not my lover“ and „be careful who you love“ belongs to him. Jackson had written thoses words in 1982 for the song BILLIE JEAN, his song about lies, blackmail and fraud, about scandals and false claims. BILLIE JEAN, with 13 

schemes and plansthe lie becomes the truth

Dimond chose her booktitle „Be Careful Who You Love“ from BILLIE JEAN and it sounds like a warning. But already in the title the author is wrong in her judgement:

Jackson’s BILLIE JEAN is only on the surface about the seduction by a woman he could not resist. And of all things, reporter Dimond chose BILLIE JEAN for her report about the scandal and the entertainer, in which his criticism of the media is hidden.

Jackson wanted to be a world star, so he was dependent on the press. He needed their positive headlines and their attention. Symbolically, he had to „dance“ with the press. That was part of the price of his fame. Billie Jean like the press, had to court him as „the only one“. When Jackson sings that BILLIE JEAN finally chooses him as „the only one“, for Jackson, who needed the media attention, it was maybe as tempting to him „as the smell of sweet perfume“.

Those who wants to be in the spotlight as „the only one“ must enter into a liaison with the press. In BILLIE JEAN, Jackson sings about the eyes of those „who dreamed of being the one“. Only the press, like BILLIE JEAN, is able to „cause a scene“ for the only one, the super talent. In the spotlight.

But Jackson also sings that BILLIE JEAN is devious, that she makes up stories about him and passes them off as her truth. He sings about court cases in which BILLIE JEAN invented the lie that he was the father of a child „whose eyes look like mine“. He describes BILLIE JEAN as a liar, she is dangerous and influences the public. BILLIE JEAN, in whose story „the lie becomes the truth“ and reporters make their money at the expense of the star, in which headlines and scandals burn themselves into the public consciousness as truth. Jackson vehemently denies in the song. But it never helped.

So reporter Diane Dimond chooses for her book title from Jackson’s entire repertoire BILLIE JEAN, the song that is to be understood as a critique of reporters like her.

BILLIE JEAN is Jackson’s shortfilm about a faceless „investigative journalist“ who tries to blame the star for the „BILLIE JEAN scandal“ he picked up off the street. Gossip from the street. That’s TOO BAD, Dimond. 14 

Zeitung mit Billie Jean Scandal in Michael Jackson Kurzfilm
Jackson prophetic „Billie Jean Scandal“ in his short film of 1983. Quelle

In Jackson’s film, bored housemaids with curlers become informers who made themselves important for a moment of their barred existence. 15 

Jackson’s BILLIE-JEAN scandal from 1983 predicts the Chandler scandal in 1993. Perhaps he had always feared something similar and therefore announced his response already in 1983:

„… Not My Lover.“

The „investigative journalist“ in BILLIE JEAN is finally arrested by the police and is removed from the screen. A happy end unfortunately only in film.

On June 28, 2009, three days after Jackson’s death, gossip reporter Diane Dimond titled one of her articles on her website „MJ and Me“. 16 
Dimond had always considered her role in the opus that bears the name Michael Jackson as too important.

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