PaRt of History: Michael Jackson Allegations (english)

For now in German here.

Since 1993 they have effectively been making against Michael Jackson accusations in the media. But who is behind these accusations? And what motivated them? Here are portraits, facts, background information.
On August 20, 1993 all hell broke loose and the media finally took permission to declare Michael Jackson to be assassinated. They are running a witch hunt that has been going nowhere for decades despite the involvement of prosecution and FBI. A hunt in which missing evidence is replaced by speculation and „fake news“. They called Jackson a child molester, put him on the pillory and took away his dignity. They so effectively accused Jackson of child molestation that his career never recovered. In 1993 the screenplay for the opening act was written by a dentist. And the first act of a performance began.

„Nothing in this bizarre tale would be the product of chance.“

The dentist and scriptwriter. 1

„You can’t just presume people guilty because an accusation is made. You’ve got to look at why the person is making the accusation. Now what motivated them to do at what are they trying to get out of it?“

Thomas Meesereau, defense attorney. 2


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