The allegations against Michael Jackson? A Scandal.

They staged a scandal around Michael Jackson, ransacked his life and the world felt entertained.
But what exactly do we know?

We have authors who create „ultimate“ biographies from tabloids and presented those as the truth.
We have books full of „glitter“ written by the accusers to continue to commercialize their accusations.
We have witnesses born in tabloid deals.
We have court testimonies that are traded as facts even though they are only testimonies.
We have court documents created to win trials, not to tell the truth.
What we are left with are the tales of the storytellers, the talk shows, the tabloids, the expensively paid „witnesses“ who never really were one in the first place.
We have movies that were only made to make money.
For us, the scandal remains.

The real scandal is, with the allegations alone, Michael Jackson had lost …

In the moment they accused him, Michael Jackson had lost. And that is the real scandal. Nobody needed evidence, because of a court settlement he was considered guilty. Since 1993 Jackson was under constant observation of media, people and prosecutors.
He did us the favor and behaved suspiciously. Didn’t he?

They ransacked his life …

Michael Jackson had to endure 7 raids of his property in his life. Jackson’s entire belongings were turned upside down. Four raids took place in 1993, another one in 2003, another one in 2004 and a last one after June 25, 2009, when he was finally killed.
The man never had a criminal record.
69 sheriffs, with District Attorney Sneddon at the helm, marched into Jackson’s land in 2003, 45 of them into his home. 1
In 1993, they already raided his apartment and his hotel room. 16 police officers stormed his parents‘ house. Afterwards, they raided Neverland.

They ransacked his boxes, his closets, and drilled into his safes. They cracked his doors open, took his mattresses and his paintings. They measured and examined Michael Jackson’s body. They analyzed his 10,000 books, his 23 computers, his video library and his briefcase. They photographed his opened wine bottle, his shower gel and his penis. In 2004 they raided Neverland again and took his DNA. For more than 12 years, 150 police officers, the FBI and members of the media searched for the needle in Jackson’s haystack.
In 1993 alone, investigators interviewed 430 witnesses, including 30 children who had nothing to testify to. Some of them they interviewed up to four times. 2 In 2003, they interviewed 140 other individuals who had nothing to testify to either. 3,

„The prosecution spent more money and time to convict Michael Jackson than any other prosecution in history.“

Thomas A. Mesereau, attorney. 4

From 2003 to 2005, the prosecution ordered nine experts for fingerprints alone. They hired experts for accident reconstruction, computer graphics, DNA, forensic accounting, finance, criminalistics, telephones, acoustics, security systems, psychology, pathology, and jury consulting.
And they were paying child molestation experts. Because we were told that’s what it was all about.
Tax money spent is estimated to be in the millions.
District Attorney „Mad Dog“ Sneddon retired after losing his case against Jackson.
Who would have voted for him again?
Prosecutor Zonen, was later removed by court because of his „highly inappropriate and disturbing” behavior.
This is the real scandal surrounding Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson on Trial by the World …

Michael Jackson was being judged by at least four judges, around 50 jurors, 5 prosecutors and the public opinion. 5
Innumerable lawyers earned countless dollars on Jackson.
On June 13, 2005, the eternally accused was declared „Not Guilty“ by a proper court.
They found:

“Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing!“

Michael Jackson, 1995. 6

Jackson’s acquittal in 2005 in an absurd trial does not apply to Michael Jackson’s reputation in the public. He had been destroyed. Four years later he was dead.
One may wonder if anyone had ever made an apology to him?
That is the real scandal here.

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