Michael Jackson: Gutierrez + Dimond in the „World of Wonder“

How the fugitive Victor Gutierrez fabricated entertainment for pedophiles around the name „Michael Jackson“ since 1995. How Gutierrez was promoted by the tabloid press and what role Diane Dimond had in it. How the film production „World of Wonder“ („Dancing Queen“ on Netflix) promoted Victor Gutierrez and pedophilic fantasies since the 1990s. How Gutierrez traces can be found in the film „Leaving Neverland“ in 2019.

Prosecutor Ron Zonen lost his case against Michael Jackson

2005 Michael Jacksons Prosecutor Ron Zonen lost in court but tries to win in the media

Before Prosecutor Ron Zonen lost his case against Michael Jackson, he eagerly opened his files for a Hollywood production in 2003, when the defendant had not even been convicted. Zonen’s conduct was illegal. Zonen wanted his name on the screen. A court deposed prosecutor Zonen, who also joined D.A. „Mad Dog“ Sneddon in leading a case against the King of Pop. Zonen lost badly against Jackson in court but continues to run the case in the media. A Judge ruled with harsh words, Ron Zonen’s modus operandi as being “ highly inappropriate and disturbing.“