V DANGEROUS Michael Jackson, Napoleon I and a dog with power

Michael Jackson Dangerous

l.: DANGEROUS cover by Michael Jackson from 1991 in which Napoleon I is hidden. DANGEROUS was painted by Mark Ryden. (SONY Music) source

A dog, that expresses power, is portrayed on the DANGEROUS cover by Michael Jackson from 1991. This dog, that is simultaneously a king, was already identified as „MJ“:

The representation of the king (here: in a hound dog´s shape) is based on another painting: Napoleon I on his imperial throne. The original image is the portrait of a man who crowned himself and the role model for Michael Jackson on his royal throne.

„MJ“ Michael Jackson and Napoleon I on the imperial throne

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Napoleon.

Napoleon I is the one on the right picture…
The right picture is titled „Napoleon I on his imperial throne“ and was painted in 1806 by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.

r.: foto taken by author from source
l.: source

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres painted the picture of Napoleon I in 1806. Ingres, born in 1780, does not only share the same motive on DANGEROUS with Michael Jackson, but also day and month of his birth, the 29 august.
What a coincidence.

Michael Jackson and Napoleon I: Halo. Immortality. Manhood and Perfection

In 1806, Napoleon I was glorified with royal insignias by Ingres. In 1991, Michael Jackson, in a dog´s shape, was glorified with royal insignias on the DANGEROUS cover by Ryden. Semicircles are representing halos, perfection, manhood and immortality already in the original. Napoleon I, according to Ingres‘ painting, should be a winner and illuminator of the world. Napoleon I was presented as a divine majesty, surrounded by the halo of rays … like god? 1, 2, 3.
Or a poser.
There are not many differences between the painted Jackson and the painted Napoleon I. To mention here would be the laurel wreath and the second glove on the left hand. Any magical spark is missing on the glove on Napoleons right hand, while Jackson waives both, the ornate sword of the Frenchman and the scepter of Charles V, just as he waives the carolingian eagle.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Napoleon.

The purple robe of the royal „MJ“ is free from any decoration and also Jacksons left foot with the initial „MJ“ is the most modest sandal one can find.

l.: source
r.: foto taken by author from source

Jackson and Napoleon I and … by Zeus! Now Jupiter as well!

Michael Jackson Dangerous Album Cover Napoleon.

l.:„MJ“ on the royal throne (Ryden) source
m.: Napoleon I on his imperial throne (Ingres) source
r: Jupiter on the throne (Ingres) source

But not only Napoleon I is hidden in the dog, who is a king, but also god Jupiter. Because the painter Jean-Auguste Ingres painted Jupiter as well and Napoleon´s portrait looked astonishingly similar to the one of Jupiter.

„I love […] Ingres.“

Mark Ryden, the DANGEROUS painter. 4

So Jackson had besides Napoleon also Jupiter as a role model and the god does not only share the sandal with him.

Next to the dog-king, who represents power and glory, are a jackal and a bird, the ibis. They occupy the space, where in the original painting the goddess Thetis and the imperial eagle can be located.
Talking about the eagle: Jackson did use it´s symbolic power long before the creation of the DANGEROUS cover: the eagle is the symbol of immortality, a sign of bravery, strength and vison. The eagle represents the ascent to heaven, overcoming the earthly and the redemption of the soul. The eagle is the king of the air and the messenger of the highest gods. 5

Michael Jackson´s Imperial Eagle. Military. Gods. Immortality and Power

Zeus is his greek predecessor and had the imperial eagle by his side. Jupiter, Zeus‘ successor, brought the imperial eagle to Rome. Roman emperors used the symbol of the eagle as a sign of power, Napoleon copied it on paintings and furniture and Jackson wear it on belts, jackets, album covers, side by side with the star.
And not only in his movies Jackson celebrated his own arrival with the imperial eagle.

 Michael Jackson Dangerous Cover Symbols: Napoleon

Jackson wore the eagle on his belt and on his leather jacket at the latest after he conquered the world with the album THRILLER. In 1995, in one of the first images, he showed the eagle on a pillar in his HIStory-Teaser. The HIStory-Teaser is that kind of movie by the King of Pop, in which he shows all possible military signs to celebrate his comeback.
The eagle symbolizes immortality, strength and stamina. It is the connection between humans and god. It accompanies gods and also those humans, who thought they were gods. The eagle is the symbol of christ, he looks up at the sky and into the sun as he ascends and symbolizes resurrection. 6, 7

left first row: 1995 the imperial eagle on the triumph column in the HIStory-Teaser, 1995 source
left second row: Jackson had in the mid-1980s the eagle illustrated on his belt and on his jacket by his designers Thompkins/ Bush in the mid-1980s. source

Immortality, Power and the connection between man and God

Michael Jackson Symbols eagle and throne 1982 in a fotosession.
1.: Above Jackson an eagle towers 2: Jackson sitting on an armchair, hat symbolizes a throne.

Jackson played with the symbols of the eagle, the star and the throne since 1982. At least.

1982.08. Jackson with the eagle and the throne in an interview for a magazine source

Lightnings. Zeus. And Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson symbol power.

Zeus‘ weapon is the lightning and Michael Jackson too hurled the lightning in his role as Captain Eo in 1986 and in his role as the maestro in MICHAEL JACKSON’S GHOSTS in 1996. 8

Jackson, hurling lightnings
l.: in the role of Captain EO source
r.: as Maestro in MICHAEL JACKSONS GHOSTS source

Since 1992, Jackson also opened his concerts while hurling lightnings. Live on stage. Zeus would certainly have done the same. 9


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