IV Michael Jackson aRt: The Moonwalker and the symbol „sunrise“

Michael Jackson, who wrote history as the Moonwalker, surrounded himself with the symbol of the moon, but he also quoted the symbol of sunrise countless times in his films, his music and in his artwork.

„Dawn and dusk. It’s a certain magic about it.“

Michael Jackson, 1983. 1

Michael Jackson, who danced on stage as the Moonwalker at night in the light of the moon, stated in an interview in 1983:

My god, it’s dusk. The moon is out. The most beautiful part of the day. I can see some of the stars coming out. Very Beautiful, everything comes to LIFE. The Fireflies are in the trees. Everything’s becoming magic. It’s … it is I would say my favorite part of the day. Dawn and dusk. It’s a certain magic about it. It does seem that everything starts to prey up on the night. Everything starts to come out. Be it the creatures. The birds that return to their nests. I love down also. Some psychologists say that .. that dusk for a lot of creative people you reach your alpha state subconsciously you become more creative at certain parts of the day but for me it could be anytime you know. I just like creating there’s no special time. But this is REALY magic to me. It’s like a painting. It’s very artistic. It’s magic. ( Michael sings: „It’s so wonderful …“) Just the sound of water is magic. It’s really beautiful. Just sitting here and relax. […]‘
I think with any type of creation you create what’s inside of you. Subconsciously what influences you. I’m a fantasy fanatic and anything that will take you off into another world escapism, that’s what I like. I’m not so crazy about the reality of everything I like a lot of fantasy and that’s what I try to create. To get away. To become moved. (sings: „Watch me fly … I can do anything“).

Michael Jackson, 1983. 2
Jackson and the symboll sunrise. Interview 1983, Jackson sitting on a fountain

picture: A young and creative Michael Jackson inspired by daybreak and dusk. In front of his magic fountain in his home in Encino, 1983. Source

1980. Notes from Michael Jackson: „Sun is setting … then night fall“

In the early 1980s, Michael Jackson wrote down his ideas about the symbol of the sun, the sunset and the magic of the night for a film project or an upcoming interview:

„Sun is setting and I must see the sunset from atop so I rush on top of the roof and my God, I become moved by the beauty of a sunset. Show the truth of its beauty on my expression how it inspires me in truth. Wind blows shirt and hair. Different locations of sunset. Talk about myself my dreams and what I want to do. Show me preparing to dance with (second?/record?) glove hat and quick step. Magic shots like a Fosse movie. Then Night fall the Magic of the Night now. The film MUST be too good to be true. like a fairy TAIL. Something out of a story book. The key is to get and do exactly what I see in my head.”

Michael Jackson, 1980. 3
Michael Jackson handgeschriebene Notizen aus den 1980ern Sonnenuntergang Magic of the night 2 von 2

picture: Michael Jackson’s handwritten notes „sun is setting …“

1978 until 2009: The symbol of „sunrise“ (sunset/night) in the aRt of Michael Jackson

1978. „A Brand New Day“ in „The Wiz“

A brand-new day and a new beginning in Michael Jackson’s career dawned in 1978 in the musical triumph of THE WIZ. THE WIZ tells the story of the triumph of light over darkness after liberation of African Americans from slavery and oppression. 4 THE WIZ is a remake of „The Wizard of Oz“ with Judy Garland from 1939. The striking difference and therefore controversial for the year 1978 is the all black cast. In THE WIZ Michael Jackson played the Scarecrow, a stereotype of the character Jim Crow. The theme of THE WIZ is the re-establishment of human dignity, especially African American dignity. And the hope for a bright new beginning. Michael Jackson himself at that time was coming of age and began his bright solo career. THE WIZ was a Motown Production. The song „A Brand-New Day“ marks the climax of the film and symbolizes a shining new beginning after the end of the civil rights movements in the USA. A new beginning after the darkness of racism and prejudice.


CAN YOU FEEL IT is the mother of all Michael Jackson films. Presented by The Jacksons, designed by Michael Jackson, the film shows the story of creation, overcoming darkness. And a new hope rising on the horizon at dawn until the bright light of the sun appears in its glory in the sky.

Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn. Michael Jackson aRt in Can You Feel it 1978

picture: A symbol of sunrise in 1981 in CAN YOU FEEL IT based on a concept by Michael Jackson. A victory over the darkness. source

1983. Light and Darkness in Michael Jackson’s Interview: „Dawn and Dusk … a certain magic“

Michael Jackson experimented with the symbolism of light and darkness, day and night even in an interview that he himself never published. Only here though did he explain his motives, while unfortunately in the following years he did not talk about the topic at all. 5

„Sun is setting […] become moved […] Show the truth of its beauty on my expression how it inspires me in truth. […] Talk about myself my dreams […] Show me preparing to dance with (second?/record?) glove hat and quick step. Magic shots like a Fosse movie. Then Night fall the Magic of the Night now. […]”

Michael Jackson, 1980. 6
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn. Dawn, 1983 Interview. Jackson sitting fountain.

picture: Light during the day. Twilight is falling. In the darkness of the night, you can see traces of the Moonwalker in 1983. source

1986. Michael Jackson and the symbol „sunrise“ in „Captain EO“ and light triumphs over darkness

Captain EO was filmed in 1986, directed by George Lucas, and became a 4D attraction at Walt Disney theme parks. „Captain EO“ is a cinematic space adventure starring Moonwalker Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson plays the main role of „Captain EO.“ Captain EO fights against dark forces (the night) and celebrates a „triumphant victory of good over evil“. Under the leadership of Captain Eo, light triumphs over darkness. The sun triumphs in its battle over the night. When Captain EO first appears in the film, he is personifying the rising of the sun. It was the Greek goddess of the dawn and the morning sun who gave Captain EO that name. Eos means dawn.

„Captain EO … (Eo is Greek for „dawn“) bringing the inhabitants light and beauty. It’s a great celebration of good over evil.

Michael Jackson about „Captain EO“ in his autobiography 1988. 7
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn. Captain EO rises up.

picture: The sun literally rises with Michael Jackson in his role of Captain EO. Source

In Michael Jackson’s story of Captain EO, light overcomes darkness, day over the night and good over evil.

Darkness, industry in Captain Eo Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: Light Triumphs Over Darkness in Michael Jackson’s Captain EO

In Michael Jackson’s Captain EO, a course of the day is shown in the Greek Walt Disney art. Greek columns refer to the Greek origin of the story. EO, symbolizing the dawn, has triumphed and a symbolic sunrise appears in the sky once the battle against the night is won.

Darkness turns to light in Captain Eo. Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: A course of the day in Michael Jackson’s film Captain EO. The dark night has been overcome. Captain EO, symbolizing Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn, has triumphed. And the sun appears in the firmament. While Eo is in retreat.

1986. Pepsi Commercial „The Chase“. Sunrise and Moon. Day and Night

Michael Jackson’s commercial for Pepsi is more a film by Michael Jackson than a commercial for Pepsi. The 1986 film starts with Michael Jackson’s nighttime performance in the spotlight on stage. It continues with his escape from it, his escape from the paparazzi (Escape), his escape into art (a painting in which he „retreats“). All this happens during sunrise, but in the end, Jackson, the King of Pop, ends up back in the darkness of the night where he had escaped from: the spotlight on stage. And the night/day cycle is closed. That was a day in the life of the King of Pop.
Similar to his story in his movie MOONWALKER two years later.

Jackson flying through sunlight. Jackson in the darkness on stage. Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: 1986, Michael Jacksons Pepsi-commercial „The Chase“. source 

1987. Michael Jackson and the musical symbol of „African sunrise“ in LIBERIAN GIRL

LIBERIAN GIRL is Song Number 4 from the BAD-Album by Michael Jackson. In the beginning of the song, we can hear bird voices announcing the dawn of a new day.

„… a kind of african sunrise“

Jerry Hey, the musician who was involved in Michael Jackson’s African daybreak, 2012. efn_note]Jackson, Michael, BAD 25 (CD/DVD) incl. a documentation about the production of the BAD-Album from 1987. Director of the BAD 25: Spike Lee. 2012, DVD, Jerry Hey, Horn and Synth arranger OFF THE WALL, THRILLER, BAD, Epic D (Sony Music), https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5275844/[/efn_note]

Jerry Hey ist the musician who was involved in Michael Jackson’s African daybreak.

1988. MOONWALKER and the sun comes up in COME TOGETHER

MOONWALKER is Michael Jackson’s movie from 1988 and somehow a portrait of the course of a day in cinema length. Darkness and evil rule over the story here in 1988, but in the end, darkness is overcome once again, and the sun rises literally in the figure of Michael Jackson. In Gold. COME TOGETHER.

1988. Come Together. Jackson, coming from darkness, turns into light on stage, wearing a golden shirt. Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: 1988 in MOONWALKER, after the battle over evil („Mr. BIG“), at the end of the movie, the sun rises literally in the darkness of the night in the form of the sunny Michael Jackson. source

1990. Michael Jackson and the musical symbol of sunrise in FOR ALL TIME: „Sun comes up on this new morning“

In 1990, Michael Jackson worked on the song FOR ALL TIME during the recording for the DANGEROUS album. The song, which features the „time“ in its title, was not released on DANGEROUS but on the anniversary album THRILLER25 in 2008.
The song FOR ALL TIME starts quietly. Daybreak sets in, accompanied by some musical sounds of birds. Once the sun has risen on the horizon, the music has reached its full volume. Jackson sings: 8

„Sun comes up on this new morning
Shifting shadows, a songbird sings“

Michael Jackson, 1990 in FOR ALL TIME

When FOR ALL TIMES approaches the end, Michael Jackson concludes the song with the words:

„Moon shines down on this good evening
One warm kiss in the cold night air“

Michael Jackson, 1990 in FOR ALL TIME

Michael Jackson presented In FOR ALL TIME all elements of time: sun, moon, day, night, time … and a sense of immortality.

1991. The symbol „sunrise“ in the course of the day on the Dangerous cover by Michael Jackson

The course of the sun is displayed on the DANGEROUS album cover by Michael Jackson from 1991: Light and darkness face each other on DANGEROUS. And then, in the painting on the album cover, the day dawns at the golden sunny King at the ENTRARE.
Under the reign of this Sun King the sun rises here. ENTRARE is written in stone beneath him, next to the column where the day and everything else begins. Here, dawn appears under the sign of (Michael Jackson as) Captain EO. Captain EO, whose name is derived from the Greek goddess of dawn. Eo, the dawn, can be seen in the column with the sunrise on the horizon.

1991 Dangerous Cover: King dog, Eo sign, sun.
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: Some symbols of Break of dawn on the DANGEROUS cover 1991? source

Michael Jackson Dangerous Cover Captain EO symbol sunrise Sonnenaufgang

picture: Eos herself, the Greek dawn in person, shows up in the column with the sunrise on the horizon.

On the film poster of Michael Jackson as Captain EO 9 from 1986 as well as on DANGEROUS from 1991 the sun rises over the horizon. In both of them dominates Michael Jackson the skyline.

Captain Eo cinema poster, sun with sign "EO" painted in a column. Sun around Michael Jackson on DANGEROUS cover.
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

l: Break of dawn at the Captain EO film poster source 
r.: Dawn on DANGEROUS source

On Michael Jackson’s DANGEROUS cover, the symbol of (Captain) EO faces the moon in the west. This is done symbolically via the glove of the Moonwalker. The glove is the trademark of the Moonwalker Michael Jackson, who made the moon rise on his stage during the Moonwalk. The moon is the symbol of continual renewal. 10

Dangerous cover 1991: glove painted in column as identifying the Moonwalker/Billie Jean.
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: Is the night symbolized on the 1991 DANGEROUS album cover by the glove of the man who walked on the moon?

1991. The course of a day and the sun and the moon on DANGEROUS?

The story of Captain EO and his victory of light over darkness is not only told by Michael Jackson’s 1986 film but also by his album cover DANGEROUS. Viewed clockwise from the left on DANGEROUS: dawn begins with the symbol of „EO“. This is followed by the sunrise. The shining sun in personified through Michael Jackson stands in the zenith of the painting. Followed by the light of the moon for the Moonwalker.

„Dawn and dusk. It’s a certain magic about it.“

Michael Jackson, 1983.
Dangerous cover 1991: glove in column, sun in column, EO sign below, the dog as king. The bird as queen. Golden wings under Jackson.
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: Is the course of a day displayed on DANGEROUS? „Eo“ for dawn is followed by the sun in the zenith.

picture: Do the moon and the earth also circle the sun on DANGEROUS?

1992. REMEMBER THE TIME. Jackson as the sun god, the symbol „sunrise“ and a course of a day

Song number 5 on the DANGEROUS album already carries the time in its title: REMEMBER THE TIME. In the short film accompanying the song, the sun finally rises when Michael Jackson completely dressed in gold emerges from the dark ashes of a night-black hooded figure. Darkness is here again replaced by bright sunshine.

1992 Remember The Time. Dark figure in hooded cape changing into light figure (Jackson in gold).
 Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: The dark hooded figure in REMEMBER THE TIME seems to represent the night. The night passes and from its ashes emerges the radiant Egyptian sun god Horus. source

And over the symbolic Michael-Jackson-Sunrise in REMEMBER THE TIME the painting on his record cover DANGEROUS comes to life again.

Montage:  Jackson in Remember The Time 1992 and on the Dangerous Cover 1991. Golden wings can be seen in both images.

 Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

l.: Michael Jackson and the personified sunrise in REMEMBER THE TIME source
r.: Michael Jackson and the personified sunrise on the DANGEROUS cover 1991. source

Remember that time in REMEMBER THE TIME? Again, it was night in Michael Jackson’s film, but at daybreak dawn showed up in the sky.

1992 Remember The Time (Iman) as queen in dark night on bed.  Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: The symbol of night and dawn at the horizon in Michael Jacksons REMEMBER THE TIME 1992. source

Remember how at dawn the sun bent over the night and kissed her? (May the direction of the sun rising here raise questions…).
Back in 1992 when „Daybreak“ happened in ancient Egypt?

1992 Remember The Time. Iman as the queen faces Jackson as the sun god Horus. Dawn appears in the sky. A day is dawning. Jackson (Horus) bows down to Iman, kisses her. 
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: „Remember the time“ when after dawn the sun appeared in the sky? source

1995. Michael Jackson, the symbol of sunrise in YOU ARE NOT ALONE and the painting „Daybreak“

„[…] and I asked him to pick up a few of his favorite books. „He chose this volume of paintings by Maxfield Parrish. He lived in a world of pictures.“

Photographer Todd Gray on Michael Jackson 1981. 11

YOU ARE NOT ALONE is song number 9 on the HIStory album by Michael Jackson. With the first few notes of the music in the song, the sun seems to appear on the horizon. This „morning mood“ in YOU ARE NOT ALONE is reminiscent of Edvard Grieg’s “ Morgenstimmung“ (Morning Mood/Peer Gynt). Michael Jackson accompanies the new beginning in YOU ARE NOT ALONE and sings the first lines:

„Another day is gone …“

Michael Jackson in YOU ARE NOT ALONE, 1995. 12

The symbol of dawn, sunrise and the course of a day are also hidden in the related short film YOU ARE NOT ALONE by Michael Jackson: At first the day has not yet started. So Michael Jackson lies on the ground, powerless. Half-naked. At his side his wife Lisa Marie Presley. No less naked. Lisa Marie Presley bending over Michael Jackson. With these pictures Michael Jackson refers in his film to a painting about time: „Daybreak“. Painted in 1922 by Maxfield Parrish. In Jacksons film and in the painting the day still lies powerless on the ground as dawn rises slowly over the horizon.

Michael Jackson, 1995, with wife Presley in You Are Not Alone. Jackson on the floor (powerless sun). Second image: The same scene in Maxfield Parrish "Daybreak" from 1922.
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

l.: Michael Jackson and his wife Lisa Marie Presley 1995 in YOU ARE NOT ALONE source
r.: The painting „Daybreak“ by Maxfield Parrish 1922 source

As dawn fades away, the day appears in the blue sky and in the figure of Michael Jackson. Again, Michael Jackson represents 1995 a new beginning with the new album.

Michael Jackson and wife Presley in You Are Not Alone 1995. Red  sky (dawn) changes to blue sky (day).
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: The day is dawning in Michael Jackson’s YOU ARE NOT ALONE 1995.

„You are not alone. I’m here with you“

Michael Jackson in YOU ARE NOT ALONE, 1995. 13

Those first lines of YOU ARE NOT ALONE could not be more appropriate for the relationship of the sun to the dawn. The day passes in YOU ARE NOT ALONE and ends at sunset. But the MOONWALKER returns to the stage in a comeback, into the spotlight of the moon. This is another cycle of time, which Michael Jackson completed in 1995.

Jackson 1995 in You Are NOT ALONE. picture left: Jackson standing on top of a mountain. In the background the sun goes down. picture right: Jackson in the darkness of the stage.
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: In the story for YOU ARE NOT ALONE, the end of the day appears with the sun setting on the horizon. And the night is falling. After the film began with the dawn, depicted by the painting „Daybreak“. But the Moonwalker, the man who walking on the moon, is back in the spotlight of the stage. And with him the night is back.

By the way, Jackson’s short film YOU ARE NOT ALONE is ridiculed by critics. By doing so, they not only questioned his sexuality through these pictures, but they also made themselves look pathetic.

Jackson symbol sunrise Remember The Time 1995 You Are Not Alone with Presley.  1922 Painting "Daybreak"
picture: A sunrise in Michael Jackson’s aRt in REMEMBER THE TIME 1992 and in YOU ARE NOT ALONE 1995.

1995. HIStory Teaser. Michael Jackson and the symbol „Sunrise“: A Full Day in HIStory

The HIStory Teaser is the commercial for the HIStory album. 14 In Michael Jackson’s HIStory-Teaser not only the sun rises again but a whole day passes by until nightfall.

Jackson Symbol sunrise History Teaser 1995 montage: 1st image with eagle at dawn, 2nd image: sun rising on horizon. 3rd picture: A star - made out of iron -  is in the sky, at noon time.

Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: Break of dawn and sunrise for the comeback of the star in Michael Jackson’s „HIStory Teaser“, 1995. source

Jackson Symbol Sunrise 1995 History Teaser: 1st image: sun is low in the sky 2nd image: sun about to set 3rd image: Night, the moon is in the sky

Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.
  • Dusk. At the end of the day, the triumph in Michael Jackson’s HIStory teaser is perfect. The King of Pop was awarded with all military Honneurs. Silence settles in.
  • Sunset. A kind of army (the King’s?) appears at sunset and organizes itself and the fans. The police force tries to resolve war-like situations before the star makes his appearance on stage.
  • Moon. In the darkness the cold blue moonlight illuminates the Moonwalker. He is in the spotlight again. The King of Pop is back on stage in the spotlight of the moon.

That was a course of a day in the HIStory of the King of Pop. In HIS story in which the opposites day and night come together over him. Like a JAM – session. Not only in his HIStory-Teaser from 1995 Michael Jackson told the story of his comeback in all the countries of the world. Michael Jackson told the same story with almost identical pictures already in his aRt in 1981: in his music film CAN YOU FEEL IT. THE TRIUMPH.

2001. INVINCIBLE album. A course of the day: from BREAK OF DAWN until midnight in THREATENED

On Michael Jackson’s last studio album INVINCIBLE, published in the first year of the new millennium, the break of dawn starts musically. With the song number 4 a new day in the career of Michael Jackson dawns in 2001: BREAK OF DAWN. This is the name of the song in which the sound of birds at the beginning of the song marks the dawn of the day.
BREAK OF DAWN, again, marks the new beginning of a Michael Jackson era in the new millennium, after a loud statement about the past in song 1, 2 and 3 on the album INVINCBILE: UNBREAKABLE, HEARTBREAKER and INVINCIBLE. 15
Song number 4 titled BREAK OF DAWN is an innocent new beginning after the previous angry songs.
The awakening of that day in the song BREAK OF DAWN is accompanied by the playing of the flute. Perhaps this is meant as a quotation and here the faun from „Prelude de l’apres-midi d’un Faune“ by Claude Debussy awakens once again in 2001. This composer Debussy, who was so admired by Michael Jackson.
Song number 13 on Michael Jackson’s album INVINCIBLE then announces the end of the cycle of time on the record/CD with the last words of the LOST CHILDREN. The song LOST CHILDREN by Michael Jackson is closed with the words:

„It’s getting dark.“

Those words are closing the song LOST CHILDREN. 16

Darkness finally ends the time on the album with the last song called THREATENED. A song dominated by a midnight atmosphere. Another cycle in the Michael Jackson art closes with this finale. Which he then unexpectedly announces as the beginning:

„What you have just witnessed could be the end of a particularly terrifying nightmare. It isn’t. It’s the beginning.“

Rod Serling at the end of THREATENED, the last song on Michael Jackson’s last studio album.

The last sentence of the last song THREATENED closes with the appropriate words that describe a continuously repeating circle of time.
Perhaps a perfect overinterpretation. But maybe simply great art by Michael Jackson.

2001. YOU ROCK MY WORLD, Michael Jackson, a stage and the symbol of sunrise

Michael Jackson’s last short film from his INVINCIBLE album 2001 is a collection of all quotes and pictures from his career. The peacock is among them and also the sun rises with the appearance of the star. In the middle of the night. When the star, the Moonwalker, is back on stage.

Jackson symbol sunrise: You Rock my World 2001 picture montage: red curtain, behind is a golden spotlight. picture two: Jackson in the golden spotlight on stage. www.partofhystory.de

picture: The unexpected sunrise personified by Michael Jackson in YOU ROCK MY WORLD, 2001. source

2001. Michael Jackson as the sunrise live onstage and Captain EO (the dawn) is back

On the 7 and 9 September in 2001 the King of Pop celebrated the 30th anniversary of his career. Together with his brothers Michael Jackson performed two concerts in Madison Square Garden in New York. To remember, how everything began.
When Michael Jackson at the beginning of the concert appeared onstage from a dark place, the sun rose with him. His „appearance“ was accompanied by the soundtrack of the movie „2001: A Space Odyssey“ from 1968. What an appropriate musical quotation this was for the appearance of the King in the year 2001.
The soundtrack „2001: A Space Odyssey“ belongs original to Richard Strauss. He wrote it around 1895 and called the composition „Also sprach Zarathustra“. The excerpt of this composition used by Michael Jackson is called „Sunrise“: „The symphony begins with Zarathustra’s decision to descend to mankind before the sun rises.“, source: Also sprach Zarathustra – Wikipedia.
After the sun rose in 2001 with Michael Jackson’s last concert in his career in the middle of the night at Madison Square Garden, the song CAN YOU FEEL IT started afterwards. Captain EO was back and with him the sun rose once again.

2001 Michael Jackson Madison Square Garden. Image montage Jackson with golden helmet rises from the bottom of the stage.

Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: In 2001, Michael Jackson started his last concert with Richard Wagner’s „Sunrise“ source

Michael Jackson Capain EO Break of Dawn Sun

picture: It seems that „Captain EO“ and his crew from 1986 had returned at the beginning of the 2001 concert at Madison Square Garden. source

2009. THIS IS IT. BREAK O’DAWN. The attempt of a sunrise and the „Big Sleep“

The last time Michael Jackson showed us the sunset in 2009 during the preparations for a concert series he called THIS IS IT. For the last time in the history of the King of Pop, sunbeams could be seen on the horizon in 2009. They illuminated the triumphal arc of the „M“ for Michael. The army of fans was on the move. But the crucial question arises when looking at this picture: CAN YOU FEEL IT? source

2009 This IS IT sun at the horizon, shining behind an army.
Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: The last rays of sunshine in the aRt of Michael Jackson showed the Moonwalker to his audience in 2009 in THIS IS IT. source

The new filmed sequence of SMOOTH CRIMINAL for THIS IS IT 2009 starts with the entrance sign for a nightclub called „BREAK O’DAWN“. That means … dawn.
The picture of the entrance sign „BREAK O’DAWN“ is a quote from a 1940 film with Humphrey Bogart. The title of that movie is „The Big Sleep.“ Sleep usually comes at night.
In Michael Jackson’s next shot from 2009 in THIS IS IT, the spotlight was turned on. Now the King of Pop was usually back on stage. But the darkness was overwhelming this time. This time Michael Jackson did not overcome the darkness. His work from 2009 would be his Schwanengesang.
On June 25th, 2009, Michael Jackson, King of Pop was declared dead. Michael Jackson died in his sleep.
As fate would have it, the German movie title of „The Big Sleep“ is „Dead men sleep deeply“.

2009 This is it "Break o'Dawn Club" and a spotlight. Michael Jackson and the symbol sunrise, dawn.

picture: The symbol of dawn and the spotlight in Michael Jackson’s 2009 segment for SMOOTH CRIMINAL (THIS IS IT).
The picture was taken from the original movie called „The Big Sleep“. The movie „The Big Sleep“ is from the year 1940, starring Humphrey Bogart.

2010: The last „sun-shower“ for the Moonwalker

According to Michael Jackson’s former wife Lisa Marie Presley, sunflowers were his favorite flowers. Michael called them „happy flowers“ and that was the reason why in December 2010 Lisa Marie Presley invited Michael Jackson’s fans to lay down sunflowers at his grave. „Sun shower“ she called the action, which led to a sea of sunflowers at the cemetery. 17

Thank You Michael, for the art.

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  17. MJ 777, Sunflowers For Michael Program,Greetings MJ Fans … I thought you might like to know that he would want and deserves more than what is there and I had an idea…….Some may or may not know this but his favorite flower was the Sunflower. They made him happy because they looked happy to him, Thus, he called them “The Happy Flower”. When we were married, I would try and fill up rooms with them wherever he was. …. We can all cause a “Sun shower” if you will………..He deserves to be flooded and surrounded, LETS SURROUND HIM! Lots of Love,~LMP“

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