Michael Jackson aRt: Symbol Escape

Michael Jackson used in his very special way countless symbols in his artwork and the symbol „escape“ he cited for decades. 1

Michael Jackson Symbol art Escape. Part of HIstory

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„I’ve got to get away, so I can free my mind
Escape is what I need, away from electric eyes
No matter where I am, I see my face around
They pin lies on my name, then push them town to town
Don’t have a place to run, but there’s no need to hide
I’ve got to find a place, but I won’t hide away
The man with the pen
That writes the lies that hassle this man (Writin‘ all those lies)
I can’t take this garbage here no more“

Michael Jackson, Song „Escape“ recorded 1999/2001.

From top left to bottom: 1986 Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial The Chase, 1988 MOONWALKER.

Michael Jackson 1983 Billie Jean Scandal Tabloids 1983 Skandal Klatschpresse
Early in his mega-career, Jackson depicted tabloid reporters who ruthlessly created scandals to sell headlines like the „Billie Jean Scandal.“

Michael Jackson and the art of „escape“

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  1. Screenshots: taken from „Michael Jackson’s Vision [Deluxe Edition] [3 DVDs], released 2010, https://www.michaeljackson.com/news/michael-history-13/

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