Michael Jackson art: Symbol Escape

Michael Jackson used in his very special way countless symbols in his artwork and the symbol „escape“ he cited for decades. 1

Michael Jackson Symbol art Escape. Part of HIstory

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„I’ve got to get away, so I can free my mind
Escape is what I need, away from electric eyes
No matter where I am, I see my face around
They pin lies on my name, then push them town to town
Don’t have a place to run, but there’s no need to hide
I’ve got to find a place, but I won’t hide away
The man with the pen
That writes the lies that hassle this man (Writin‘ all those lies)
I can’t take this garbage here no more“

Michael Jackson, Song „Escape“ recorded 1999/2001.

In 1988 in his Film MOONWALKER Michael Jackson escapes from his hunters:

Michael Jackson Flucht in Moonwalker 1988. Escape.

1988, Michael Jacksons MOONWALKER

The army of anonymous reporters who chased him throughout his life was portrayed by Jackson in his short films. Here: An interpretation of MOONWALKER 1988.

From top left to bottom: 1986 Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial The Chase, 1988 MOONWALKER.

Michael Jackson’s exceptional talent and his life in the limelight has always been a headline for the tabloids even today. These reporters, who finance their own living by getting celebrities in front of their cameras, were portrayed by Jackson in many of his films. Sometimes Jackson depicted the tabloid reporters symbolically, in form of anonymous dark figures on the street like an army, using their cameras like weapons. Sometimes Jackson presented the reporters as they deserved: as caricatures.

v.l.n.r.: BILLIE JEAN 1983 and MOONWALKER 1988.

Early in his mega-career, Michael Jackson depicted tabloid reporters who ruthlessly created scandals to sell headlines like the „Billie Jean Scandal.“

Michael Jackson 1983 Billie Jean Scandal Tabloids 1983 Skandal Klatschpresse

Michael Jackson repeatedly showed in his movies how he managed to escape from tabloid reporters or even from the fans: by hiding, by disguising himself. Or by pure magic.

Michael Jackson and the art of „escape“

Michael Jackson used the symbol of flying as a way of escape from reporters and the fans for many years. For decades Michael Jackson flew away in his films, performances and also in his music. Away from the persecuting public. He used the symbol of flying away as a symbol of escape from reporters and also from fans for many years. It seemed that flying-away was the quintessence of escape for Jackson.

Michael Jackson broke boundaries not only in his art. Breaking glass in seems to be like liberation.

Certainly the most famous escape of all: Michael Jackson’s BILLIE JEAN. His 1983 film, in which he tells the story about the invention of a tabloid scandal.

Michael Jackson und die wohl berühmteste Flucht des Entertainers vor Reportern in Billie Jean 1983. Wir sehen nicht mehr ihn, sondern nur noch die aufleuchtenden Pflaster, die er berührt. Er geht davon. Michael Jackson and the entertainer's most famous escape from reporters in Billie Jean 1983. We no longer see him, only the flashing patches he touches. He walks away.

A disappearing Michael Jackson BILLIE JEAN 1983.

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