XI Michael Jackson and his deadly DANGEROUS DREAMS in the industry

DREAMS is the name of the commercial Michael Jackson shot in January 1992 to promote his album DANGEROUS and the upcoming world tour: DREAMS is probably prophetic and literally shows a dream of Michael Jackson that ends up as a nightmare in the entertainment industry.
With DREAMS, Jackson was primarily supposed to promote the Pepsi corporation. But what came out of it was the Jackson aRt, with which he warns of danger, scheming and seduction in the industry of show business. In a commercial. Pepsi financed the commercial, sponsored Jackson’s DANGEROUS world tour and paid him a million-dollar fee. 1 But the artist used Pepsi to tell his own story which somehow founded some sort of sequel in his 1993 short film WHO IS IT and in his song PLACE WITHOUT NO NAME from 1999. 2 Jackson’s Pepsi Commercial DREAMS can be viewed on YouTube via this link.

Michael Jackson made this seductive woman, whom he described as dangerous, to a permanent theme in his art. In all his stories he told, the women like BILLIE JEAN or DIRTY DIANA seem to be synonymous with the seductions of the destructive industry of entertainment. The devastating danger of the tabloid press included. 
Jackson had grown up in this industry. An industry that is literally dangerous and destructive, but at the same time sinfully seductive. In all his stories, Michael could never resist the temptation of that woman. And he had prophesied that this temptation would cost him his life.

Jackson: Dancing the DREAMS in his DANGEROUS Cover

Michael Jackson dances Dangerous Cover Dreams Pepsi Commercial 1991

In 1991 the King Of Pop dances his dreams in his own album cover DANGEROUS
l.: Jacksons DANGEROUS Cover 1991 source
r.: Jacksons Pepsi Commercial DREAMS

Jackson’s DREAMS were filmed in the scenery of his painting DANGEROUS, not only symbolically, but literally.

Jackson Michael Dangerous Pepsi Commercial Dreams 1993 Jackson dances in the darkness on a wet road.

In the loneliness of DREAMS, the King dances on a wet asphalt in the early 1990s to the rhythm of his song WHO IS IT (album DANGEROUS). WHO IS IT is Jackson’s song in which he tells the story of betrayal, doubt and backstabbing.

In 1999, Jackson records the musical piece PLACE WITHOUT NO NAME. This song, which he never released during his lifetime, can be placed like a template over the images in the Pepsi Commercial DREAMS:

„I walked down towards the end of the road …“

Michael Jackson around 1999 in PLACE WITHOUT NO NAME source
Michael Jackson Dangerous Dreams in the industry

In DREAMS, Jackson walks along this road, which glitters in the blue night. Once again, a border can be seen here that he had already crossed back in 1988 along the river in MOONWALKER. Jackson also had such a border depicted on his DANGEROUS cover in 1991. Will Jackson cross the border again in DREAMS?

1991 Border on DANGEROUS source
1992 Border in DREAMS source
1988 Border in MOONWALKER source

Jackson’s nightmare in the dark industry, the „whore of Babylon“ and „Metropolis“ from 1927

In Jackson’s DREAMS, the fog reveals a beautiful woman in 1992. She is the temptation in person. Also in 1999 Jackson sings about such a woman in PLACE WITHOUT NO NAME:

 „I walked down towards the end of the road
and in the fog a woman appeared“

Michael Jackson, ca. 1999. 3

„The Girl was bad. The Girl was Dangerous…“

Jackson Michael Dangerous Pepsi Commercial Dreams 1993

The woman lures. Jackson follows. She means danger, every viewer feels that. Jackson too, but he still follows her. Through the fog. Through the night. And through the color blue.

„As she took me right through the fog … “

Michael Jackson, ca. 1999. 4
MJ, the King of Pop, standing in front of a throne

The woman leads the King of Pop to the throne, the symbol of Kings. This throne is the spitting image of the royal throne that Jackson occupies on DANGEROUS in his role as King of Pop.

Perhaps the seductive woman lures Jackson with fame. Perhaps the beauty is a personification of fame. Perhaps she embodies the thirst for power, money and success in the entertainment business. Adoration comes to mind in this scene. And that the woman is calculating and up to no good.
In any case it is too late for Jackson to turn back. But what other path in life could Michael Jackson ever have chosen?

You only think about you, your throne
be it right or be it wrong.“

Jermaine Jackson in an angry song about his brother, the superstar source
Montage of king in dog shape on DANGEROUS cover (MJ), the girl on the throne in Pepsi Commercial Dreams. Behind her throne appears a collection of animals like elephants and the peacock in the middle.

In the song DANGEROUS, who was also the name of Jackson’s album, he describes the woman in more detail and none of it sounds comforting: source

„The girl was bad. The girl was dangerous. … her mouth was smoother than oil but her inner spirit and words were as sharp as a two-edged sword but I loved it ’cause it’s dangerous.“

Michael Jackson 5

And because he loved it so much despite all the danger and because he could not resist the seduction, Jackson bows down in front of the throne in DREAMS. And he realizes that the crone now has a dominant position over him.
The woman in Jackson’s DREAMS, who is dressed in „scarlet,“ shows all the similarities to the „Whore of Babylon,“ that biblical mother of all whores. Not only in Jackson’s „dreams“ she is surrounded by a symbolic „seven-headed beast“.

And at the same time, this „Whore of Babylon“ is the image of the King in the shape of the dog on Jackson’s DANGEROUS cover. And since this dog is „MJ“, the King of Pop Michael Jackson, how much of Michael Jackson is then a whore and prostitutes himself in the industry not only in DREAMS?
By the way, the peacock that appears in the middle of the multiple heads is Jackson’s symbolic animal, which he carries in the entertainment industry since the end of the 1970s.

r.: Jackson’s dreams in DREAMS in 1992 source
and l. 1991 on DANGEROUS source

Michael Jackson DANGEROUS: Metropolis and the „Whore of Babylon“

Montage of the "machine Marie" from the movie Metropolis and the whore/queen from Pepsi Commercial DREAMS with Michael Jackson

Jackson’s 1992 Pepsi commercial strongly resembles the images from the 1927 German silent film „Metropolis,“ directed by Fritz Lang.

picture on the left: the „Whore of Babylon“ or „false Maria“ in Metropolis DVD 2010

In „Metropolis“ too the „Machine Maria“ embodies all the deadly sins, which are dangerous and tempting at the same time. She is a whore, a personified sin and embodies the desire for sinful fortune and splendor.
She dominates just like the „Whore of Babylon“ in DREAMS.

„Machine Mary“ from Metropolis is modeled after the biblical „Whore of Babylon,“ which also embodies the church itself and its representatives. source

And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
source: „Metropolis“, 1927

„And the woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and had a golden cup in her hand. And written on her forehead was a name, a mystery: Great Babylon, the mother of all horrors on earth. And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints. Text from „Metropolis“, 1927
picture from Pepsi Commercial DREAMS, 1992

The „golden cup“ in the hand of the whore who is „drunk with the blood of the saints“ is replaced in the 1992 Pepsi Commercial DREAMS with the Pepsi can.

Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial Dreams whore of babylon dangerous cover - www.partofhistory.de

The image of the „Whore of Babylon“ on the „seven-headed beast of the apocalypse“ in 1927 in the movie „Metropolis“ and in 1992 with Michael Jackson in the Pepsi commercial DREAMS.

The pop group Queen with Freddie Mercury quoted the movie „Metropolis“ and the „Whore of Babylon“ in their video „Radio Ga Ga“ in 1984. Mercury thereby played the role of the enslaved human and the false Maria.
All „Queen“ members represented the whore Babylon on stage when they were surrounded and worshipped by „fans“. source

The „Whore of Babylon“ in „scarlet and purple“ is quoted by Madonna in 1984 in „Material Girl“ with a simultaneous homage to Marilyn Monroe who performed „Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend“ from the film „Gentlemen Prefer Blondes“ (Howard Hawks) in 1949. Theme of the film: desire for material things and the „mother of prostitution“.

Also: Madonna quoted the „Moloch“ from Metropolis in 1987’s „Express Yourself.“ (pictures all from YouTube.)

Whitney Houston Bodyguard Metropolis Queen of the night fritz lang maschine maria

Whitney Houston quoted the false „Machine-Maria“ with scenes from „Metropolis“ in the 1992 film „Bodyguard“ and the song „Queen of the Night“. Whitney’s costume strongly resembles the look of the „Machine-Maria“ from 1927. source YouTube

„I have the stuff that you want. I’am the thing that you need.“

Whitney’s lyrics fit the whore/prostitution theme and also quotes Jackson’s 1986 DIRTY DIANA. Jackson’s song about betrayal, prostitution and the desire to „fortune and fame“ and the desire to become a star.

MJ runs after the woman in red robe on wet, dark road, crossing a border.

In Jackson’s DREAMS from 1992, the woman disappears at first again, but Jackson is obsessed with her.
For Michael Jackson, there was no turning back long before 1992. And it doesn’t look as if the woman had to be particularly persuasive.
In a mad rush, he now crosses that border, that symbolic river, where he first stopped at the beginning of the film. That border, that river, which he presented to his audience in 1988 in MOONWALKER as a warning and also had depicted on the cover of DANGEROUS. Michael Jackson had crossed borders and he had not been deterred from crossing the DANGEROUS line in DREAMS as well.

Light in a „Place without No Name“ in DREAMS

Montage: Jackson's left eye in close-up, he in the desert, in the light of the sunrise. Barnum appears with his biggest attraction "Generals Thumb" on his head.

Jackson’s hunt proceeds through misty, deep blue worlds to a desert place. Here Jackson is lost. Disorientated in A PLACE WITHOUT NO NAME 6. (By the way, „Neverland“ is a place without a name as well.)
The colors change. Is there light on the horizon or is a period of life finally coming to an end here?
A deserted place without no name. Does here more than just one day in the life of Michael Jackson come to an end?

Montage: Barnum in dark night showing the way). Jackson in the midst of a crowd of children who look like angels. The scenes take place in the desert.

The nightmare in DREAMS is coming to an end and Barnum, of all people, the master of show business, leads the way for Jackson. To the EXITUS on the DANGEROUS cover. Where children play? Where people are happy and have nothing to fear? On Jackson’s DANGEROUS cover, this is the area of death: EXITUS is where the death can be found.
The images in DREAMS are reminiscent of the original story about Peter Pan and the lost, dead children. In the kingdom of death. source

In 1999 Jackson sings the following in his song PLACE WITHOUT NO NAME: 7

„As she took me right through the fog
I see a beautiful city appear
Where kids are playin‘ and people are laughin‘ and smiling
and nothing to fear“

The DREAMS by Michael Jackson in the kingdom of death

Montage: Jackson dancing with woman in darkness, Barnum standing in front of it as on Dangerous cover

In Jackson’s DREAMS, which have been about death throughout his career, this unknown beauty finally seduces him. Jackson dances and unites himself with the woman. As he did with BILLIE JEAN and DIRTY DIANA. Each time he sang with urgency that it was dangerous, but each time he could her not resist.

In DREAMS, Jackson unites with the female in the kingdom of death, in the circle of life on his album cover DANGEROUS. The King of Pop dances in the spotlight in the realm of EXITUS on DANGEROUS, and once again he even makes the death part of the Jackson show.

l.: EXITUS with Barnum in Jackson’s Pepsi Commercial DREAMS source
r.: EXITUS with Barnum in Jackson’s DANGEROUS source

The DREAMS by Michael Jackson become a nightmare

A colorful, brightly lit truck, with a Pepsi sign, speeds toward us.

In 1992, Michael Jackson describes of all things in a commercial, that his lust for fame and success will lead him to his death. In the nightmare of DREAMS, the Pepsi company ultimately overruns the star. This is the death of the star. And the truck that kills Michael Jackson looks like an all-consuming, gigantic mouth that has always symbolized the mouth of the Last Judgment in old biblical paintings.

Jackson’s Pepsi commercial in the setting of the DANGEROUS cover turned out to be his nightmare. But then, how much of Jackson’s nightmares are in the illustrations of the dreams on his DANGEROUS cover?
Michael Jackson’s desire for success in the industry of entertainment not only cost him his life in his dreams of 1992, but also in the reality of 2009.


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