XII DANGEROUS: Jackson, Entertainment, Industry, Death – Who Is It?

Michael Jackson released his short film WHO IS IT in 1993, the accompanying song is from the album DANGEROUS and once again Jackson presented a story of fame, corruption but also of betrayal and loneliness. Another time he told the story of being crushed in a merciless, inhumane industry.
Michael Jackson’s WHO IS IT is about work, work, work and the pressures in a business where humanity and feelings are left behind.

WHO IS IT features a star at the center of desire and shows countless „making of’s“ of this star behind the less than glamorous scenes. Jackson’s story is set in an industry where anonymous workers are busy creating the illusion around the star. But Jackson also shows in WHO IS IT the yield of this main character, so passionately desired by the clientele. And he shows the pale, unflamboyant managers who make sinful amounts of money off the performance of the star they have under contract.
In WHO IS IT, Jackson shows us the protagonist as a box office magnet who prostitutes himself. To the death. And this time, too, she is endowed with all the signs of a whore.

Michael Jackson and the biblical „Whore Babylon“ not only in the shortfilm WHO IS IT

Michael Jackson Who Is It with a woman in red cape and pearls on earrings.

A Bible text pretty much describes the appearance WHO IS IT:

„And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and jewels and pearls …“

from source

Maybe what is meant here is the biblical „Whore of Babylon“, which is quoted again and again by artists, especially from the 1927 film „Metropolis“.

Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial Dreams with the "Whore of Babylon" in Metropolis from 1927

Jackson had already made the story about this „Whore of Babylon“ the subject of his 1992 Pepsi Commercial DREAMS:

XI Michael Jackson and his deadly DANGEROUS DREAMS in the industry

And the short film WHO IS IT by Michael Jackson is also reminiscent to the 1927 film Metropolis: the big city, industry, corrupt businessmen, the „creation“ of the „Machine Maria“ who in turn symbolizes the „Whore of Babylon“ and finally Jackson, who, like Mary’s lover, is in search of the truth.

Michael Jackson Who Is It picture 1 desperate, lonely on a sofa and picture with suitcase full of money and picture three with whore getting ready for next performance

l.: Michael Jackson 1993 who succumbed to seduction not only in WHO IS IT
m.: intoxicating amount of money for the performance of the star

r.: the „making of“ of the star in WHO IS IT. The whore source

Michael Jackson History Teaser and the Making of of the Star as a kind of art partofhistory

The „Making of“ of the star as art. Michael Jackson made it a theme for years.

The Managers of the prostitutes in WHO IS IT, (their pimps ?) push their star from one performance to the next. Again, they are man and woman in managerial roles, the symbolic parental figures.

Michael Jackson Paul McCartney SAY SAY SAY. McCartney counts the money as a manager.

Michael Jackson, who in his childhood had his own father for a manager and had to train under his mother’s supervision, showed the constellation of symbolic parental figures/managers who earn their money with their star not only in WHO IS IT, but already in 1983 in the short film SAY, SAY, SAY. In this film, as well, the theme of the story is betrayal and deception in order to make money with illusions and desires.

Michael Jackson Scream live History concert like Metropolis "Machine Maria" and the symbol of the "Whore of Babylon" in purple light Who Is IT? www.partofhistory.de

„It is the most perfect and obedient tool that man has ever possessed. Tonight you shall see how she performas before the eyes of the upper hundred. You shall see her dance […]“

from „Metropolis“ 1927 about the „Machine-Maria“.
Metropolis 2017

„with scarlet … and adorned with gold“
left picture: This Bible text is shown in Metropolis, 1927.
l.l.: Jackson’s appearance in „Scarlet“ and „Gold“ in a costume reminiscent of that of the „Machine Maria“ in „Metropolis“. Jackson, before he starts dancing at the beginning of his HIStory concerts.

Michael Jackson Who Is it 1993 Whore of Babylon Gates of heaven god www.partofhistory.de

In WHO IS IT from 1993, the world also seems to coming to an end. The woman, this whore, dressed in „purple“ stands before the gates that also could be those of heaven. She is dismissed.
The last image of the scene shows a hand that could also be the righteous hand of God.

The star in WHO IS IT disobeys her managers. The mangers slap her in response. The question remains: How much autobiographical history is hidden in Jackson’s WHO IS IT from 1993?

Beatings for the star and for Michael Jackson. Not only in WHO IS IT

In 1988, Jackson took us behind the scenes of entertainment. In MOONWALKER he showed us how he was beaten by „Mr. BIG,“ the boss of an industry. Right in the middle of the concert arena under the eyes of the audience. This reminds of Michael’s story about the beatings of his father, who was also the manager of the child star Michael:

He slapped me so hard in the face, as hard as he could, and then he’d thrust me out into the big room, where they are, tears running down my face …“

Jackson was eleven years old when his manager, who was his father, beat him and forced him to perform. 1
Jackson was 50 years old when another „Mr. Big“, the AEG concert promoter Randy Phillips, slapped him so that the King of Pop announced at a press conference a concert series that the had not wanted to announce. 2

1997. Prostitution. Manager. BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR (WHO IS IT?)

Also in 1997 Jackson presented pimping, mass orgies and prostitution in BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR. The red clothes, this time leather, Jackson wears himself right away. The bracelets on his wrist look like the chains of captivity. Again a woman appears who seduces him. Again he desires her, dances with her and unites with her in the darkness. Again, this is his death. „Seven Inches In.“ Stabbed this time. And the audience had watched.
In 1997 the King of Pop ended his world tour, he had called it HIStory, his last concert series. Perhaps Jackson had already announced the completion of his career many years earlier with the use of the nummer „1998“ in his art, in his autographs and in his autobiography?
In 2001, Jackson showed his audience YOU ROCK MY World 3 It is the last film of the King of Pop and somehow in YOU ROCK MY WORLD he announces the professional turning point of the King of Pop. In YOU ROCK MY WORLD, Jackson once again operates in the milieu of organized crime and is pressured by executive figures who pressure him to perform:

„Show me what you got!“

2001. Prostitution. Manager and Jackson moves out of the spotlight: YOU ROCK MY WORLD

Michael Jackson You Rock My World Dunkel

But in 2001, in the depths of the underworld of YOU ROCK MY WORLD, symbolically located somewhere in the EXITUS of the DANGEROUS album cover, Jackson resists this woman his last time. The King of Pop no longer allows himself to be seduced and moves past this woman

Jackson always danced when the spotlight was on. This time the King of Pop does not dance. Jackson leaves the woman alone for the first time. Walks off. THIS IS IT. That’s it.

Jackson, on the right, moves out of the spotlight at the end of YOU ROCK MY WORLD source

Jackson’s announcement in 1998, at the turn of the millennium, that the King of Pop would retire and no longer provide his services to the industry, ended in a disaster with another Mr. BIG of the music industry: Tommy Mottola, head of Jackson’s record company SONY. Jackson had announced this disaster a long time ago. CHEATER Jackson called one of his songs, in which he tells about being cheated and ripped off in the business. 4

„I own you“

they had threatened him. He also sings

working too hard for this kind of game.“

And he sings about physical injuries, about anger and about „wanting to give up“. Someone had told him that all he needed was „a knock on the head.“.

„Just sign your name on the dotted line, you´ll be fine“.

This also sounds like cheating and comes from Jackson’s PRICE OF FAME. 5
For decades, Jackson painted a picture of crime, corruption, money, drugs, mafia, sex and fraud in the entertainment industry. In MOONWALKER he interfered in these schemes and paid for it with his life. 6

„But it´s only a movie!“

Isn´t it?

„I’m done.“ Jackson, 2003.

Michael Jackson Interview 2003 I'm done

Michael Jackson was born in the entertainment. His knowledge of the industry and his impact on the world’s attention made him a very special business partner. „Michael … he knew!“, his brother Jermaine later explained, and that those who made politics behind the scenes felt Michael was interfering too much in their business. They „thought he was a thread„. 7

In 2003, Michael gave one of his last interviews. He looked exhausted: 8

„It´s a conspiracy. I don´t want to say too much. I´m done!“

Maybe Michael Jackson just ended the interview with these words, and yet he sounds like he’s capitulating in front of running cameras. 70 police officers had just raided his home; pictures about Jackson’s arrest in handcuffs went around the world. We didn’t know it then, how literally we should have taken his words.

„I´m done.“

Michael Jackson had surrendered.
In 1988, in the film MOONWALKER, Jackson had told of the corrupt Mr. BIG, who, with political ambitions and mafia methods, had done everything to destroy him. Mr. BIG alias Frankie LiDeo alias Frank DiLeo, was actually Jackson’s manager from the 1980s. He was the behind-the-scenes operator who handled the money transactions, while Michael, in the role of the King of Pop, was the focus of the desire. Relationships with the Mafia, which are alleged to the real DiLeo, are perhaps only rumors, similarities with the criminal film character of LiDeo in MOONWALKER are, of course, freely invented. Purely symbolic. Probably. In MOONWALKER, Jackson hunts down Mr. BIG, who represents the „system“ behind the scenes, survives the massacre and returns to us in the end. 9

„But it´s only a movie!“

Isn´t it?
On 25.06.2009 Michael Jackson was destroyed by that system, he had made the subject of his whole career. But the Mr. BIG’s had survived and made money off his death. And not only symbolically. „Bucks and Drugs.“ 10. And we are still waiting for Michael to comeback.

1988, 1991, 1993, 2009: And the industry in MOONWALKER Jackson showed us again on DANGEROUS

Michael Jackson Moonwalker 1988 Earth DAngerous Cover 1991 earth www.partofhistory.de

Jackson’s worldview on corrupt secrets behind the scenes. left and middle: in MOONWALKER, 1988 source and on the right on DANGEROUS, 1991 source

f.r.t.l.: „Mister BIG“ in real life in 2009 in the role of the concert promoter Philipps, Manager DiLeo and Kenneth Ortega to the premiere party of the film THIS IS IT. source

THIS IS IT was the name they gave the footage of Jackson’s preparations for the concert series that ultimately cost him his life.

Michael Jackson Who Is It woman lying dead on table surrounded by her people

Incidentally, the last „Making of“ the whore in 1993’s WHO IS IT also appears to be that of her funeral. And also the last photo of Michael Jackson shows him on the autopsy table in 2009. 11

Similarities of both recordings we owe probably to his prophetic abilities. 12

The end of the 1993 star in Michael Jackson’s WHO IS IT source

WHO IS IT actually in the short film of Michael Jackson?

Jackson’s DANGEROUS Cover. A (his) grave?

l.: shows the DANGEROUS cover the tomb of the King of Pop? (See also Petijean and Art of Design)
r.: Henri II, Prince de Condé in Vallery, picture source.

The deadly ending in Michael Jackson’s short film WHO IS IT found its beginning in the DANGEROUS album cover: four female figures form four pillars. The four pillars are reminiscent of Caryatids. 13
Caryatids have had supporting functions on facades and temples since ancient Greece. And on tombs. With caryatids already decorated Michelangelo in 1515 14 the tomb of a leader of the church in Rome. 15
In 1646, an artist decorated the tomb of a nobleman in France with caryatids. 16

Did Mark Ryden also decorate with caryatids in 1991 the tomb of the King of Pop, who lost his life exactly 18 years later in the system of the entertainment industry?


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