XXI DANGEROUS: Michael Jackson and Madonna Anno 1473

Is there any connection between Michael Jackson and Madonna? And specifically, that Madonna from the altarpiece „Rosenhag“ by Martin Schongauer from 1473?
Michael Jackson’s depictions on the DANGEROUS cover bear a striking resemblance to another painting that was originally designed for the church hundreds of years ago. A painting that belonged on an altar and was used for worship and adoration towards a very special power.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Cover 1991 Mark Ryden Painting

Michael Jackson’s DANGEROUS album cover 1991, SONY Music Entertainment. Painter of the artwork named „King of Pop“ (acrylic on wood 82” x 74”) is Mark Ryden. The original of the painting is exhibited in the Paul Kasmin Gallery, 293 Tenth Ave., New York, NY 10001. source

On Michael Jackson’s 1991 album cover DANGEROUS, artist Mark Ryden not only quoted from the 15th century Ghent altarpiece by Jan van Eyck. An altarpiece that was intended to be in a church.

The DANGEROUS cover by Michael Jackson from 1991 not only displays a striking resemblance to the „Ghent Altarpiece“ painted by Jan van Eyck in the 15th century, but also to the altarpiece „Madonna from the Rosenhag“ by Martin Schongauer from 1473.

In 1473, there is Madonna and the child Jesus, in 1991, there is „King MJ“ Michael Jackson with the bird

The dog who is shaped like a human being and which has already been identified as „MJ“, i.e. as Michael Jackson, on the DANGEROUS cover from 1991, mutates in comparison with the altarpiece from 1473 into Madonna.
The frame of the throne around the head of „King MJ“ on DANGEROUS symbolizes the halo.
The music-making angels around „MJ“ look like a quotation of the music-making angels from the framework in the 1473 altarpiece.
And the red robe of the Madonna from the Rosen Hag is noticeable also with „MJ“.
And the child Jesus with Madonna, seems like the bird with Michael. 1

picture: similarities between
l.: „King MJ“ on DANGEROUS Cover source and
r: „Madonna im Rosenhag“, altarpiece from 1473 by Martin Schongauer source

By the way, Martin Schongauer’s original design of the altarpiece underlines Michael Jackson’s position on the DANGEROUS cover, which was reserved on the old altarpieces for God.
The position of God with the dove in 1473 is occupied in 1991 by Michael Jackson and the peacock.
The Golden halo surrounding them can be seen on the 1473 picture as well as on the 1991 one.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Cover and the altarpiece Madonna aus dem Rosenhag from 1473 Martin Schongauer

o: Martin Schongauer 1473, Design with dove source Wikipedia
u: Michael Jackson 1991, finished work with peacock, Painter Mark Ryden source

Madonna and Michael Jackson and Bubbles crowning

But the crowning glory on DANGEROUS is Bubbles. Bubbles was Michael Jackson’s famous chimp. In 1473, in the original of Martin Schongauer’s altarpiece, the infant Jesus received the crown of God, and in 1991 it was Bubbles‘ turn.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Cover 1991 and Madonna aus dem Rosenhag Anno 1473

l. Bubbles on DANGEROUS, Mark Ryden, 1991 source 
r: „Madonna aus dem Rosenhag“, Martin Schongauer, 1473 source

The 1991 DANGEROUS cover: Did Michael build a shrine? And for whom …?

Michael Jackson’s DANGEROUS cover already shows much more than subtle similarities with the 15th century Ghent altarpiece by Jan von Eyck, a painting intended for adoration and devotion in churches. But also becomes the DANGEROUS cover from 1991 quasi an altarpiece in comparison with the altarpiece „Madonna aus dem Rosenhag“ by Martin Schongauer from the year 1473. The album cover by Michael Jackson becomes a triptych, like the ones found in churches.
As a result, is the DANGEROUS album cover a „Michael Jackson shrine“?
In the 1980s, a lot of rumors circulated in the media about the persona Michael Jackson. One remained that Michael had build in his house a shrine to Elizabeth Taylor. Jackson denied. Unsuccessfully. 2
Then on 26 November 1991 DANGEROUS is released for the turntables in millions of households. The album cover is placed against the wall and a „Michael Jackson altar“ is thus unnoticed erected in the living room.
That would be first-class.

l.: The alleged shrine and headline in LEAVE ME ALONE. „MICHAEL BUILDS SHRINE TO LIZ“. Michael Jackson addressed gossip and tabloid press in his films as early as 1988 source

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