VIII DANGEROUS Jackson: That woman the Queen – Elizabeth I Love You

Michael Jackson and rebellion against tradition

Michael Jackson Dangerous Cover 1991, Mark Ryden painting. Sony Music

Michael Jackson quoted symbols of the British monarchy not only on his album cover and had traces of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II hidden on it. But the question remains: what’s behind all this?

In 1991 Michael Jackson released his DANGEROUS album, with a cover full of symbols. Painter of the artwork „King of Pop“, arcrylic on wood 82” x 74”, is Mark Ryden. The image is on display at the Paul Kasmin Gallery, 293 Tenth Ave, New York, NY 10001. Copyright SONY Music Entertainment source.

Michael Jackson aRt Dangerous Cover  1991 Symbol Queen Elizabeth I and II

„You have statues of this woman all over the country, right? … You know, that woman … The Queen.“

Michael Jackson über Queen Elizabeth II. 1

It is said that the English royal family with its traditions and ceremonies was a passion of Michael Jackson and the images of Elizabeth I and II served as a kind of blueprint for his own publicity and show effects.

Michael was infatuated with British heredity and military history“

Michael was infatuated with British heredity and military history … When we toured in Europe, Michael made it his business to visit castles and ancient cities, where he was mesmerized by museum portraits of kings and queens. He would stare at them along the walls of Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, or the Houses of Parliament, absorbing it all – the glitz, the glamour, the medals and honors, the larger-than-life ways these royals and commanders were portrayed. Michael was fascinates by all of it.

Michael Lee Bush, the King of Pop’s Designer 2

In 1983, Michael Jackson appropriately declared Buckingham Palace, the residence of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, to be the ideal home for him. 3
And maybe out of this passion, the English Queen Elizabeth II is hiding in the funny bird on the throne of his DANGEROUS album cover from 1991.

Michael Jackson aRt Dangerous Cover  1991 Symbol Queen Elizabeth II

l.: Queen on DANGEROUS source
r.: Queen Elizabeth II, Great Britain, 1953 source

Jackson’s painter Mark Ryden painted the figure of the Bird Queen with the imperial orb and the sceptre in her hands. According to strict protocols and traditions, Queen Elizabeth II had shown herself the same way on the day of her coronation, 02.06.1953.

Elizabeth I, the DANGEROUS Cover by Michael Jackson and the rebirth in the Renaissance

Michael Jackson aRt Dangerous Cover  1991 Symbol Queen Elizabeth I

l.: Queen on DANGEROUS source
r.: Queen Elizabeth I, fourhundred years before source

And yet there are significant differences between the bird queen on DANGEROUS and the coronation portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. There is the stiff corset of the lace collar. This lace collar does not belong to Elizabeth II, but to her predecessor Elizabeth I, and made her look more mask-like, rigid and aloof fourhundred years earlier.
Neither the I nor the II were queens one could touch.
Then there is the distinguished long nose of the first Elizabeth, which is replaced by the bird’s pointy beak on Jackson’s DANGEROUS cover. Eyebrows and also the hair are missing on the bird queen as well as on Elizabeth I, which is quite typical for a bird and quite typical for portraits of the English Renaissance.
The Renaissance, that was the age of „rebirth“ and the „bright new beginning“.

Michael Jackson, Queen Elizabeth I and a fairy tale about virgin royals: androgynous or „Are You a Virgin?

Queen Elizabeth committed herself to her people as a „virgin queen.“ She is said to have created her image as androgynous regardless of any gender. 4 And the King of Pop had also committed himself to his fans, and Jackson’s alleged androgynous image is constantly discussed.
The queen never married, because she was married to her fans … Pardon, her people. She remained the „eternal virgin“ and tailored this image to herself and her underlings. This was a political decision. She never shared the throne, that too she shares with the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson Dangerous Cover 1991 Symbol Dog King Bird Queen Sun Moon Day Night

On DANGEROUS, the Queen sits opposite the King, who represents „MJ,“ which is Michael Jackson. „Are you a virgin?“, was also a question Jackson was bombarded with for the entertainment of an audience of millions in 1993. To which he assured that he was married. With his music. 5 (In 1993, it was Oprah Winfrey who set the standard for her future shows on American TV with questions like these.)
During the reign of Elizabeth I, Shakespeare celebrated his successes and was one of the first to bring a dark-skinned man onto the stage in the role of a prince. 6 Ancient Egypt experienced a rebirth under Elizabeth’s reign.
When the queen went on „tour“ and traveled across the country with her entourage, artists and musicians were always to be found in her company.
The queen is said to have been vain and capricious, and she is also said to have been somewhat untruthful. 500 years ago she glorified herself with mystical power and was so skilled at propaganda that a cult arose based on her persona.
She has something in common with Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, Queen Elizabeth I and Renaissance and rebirth on DANGEROUS

Michael Jackson aRt Dangerous Cover  1991 symbol Queen Elizabeth I and II
machine, clock, meaning

A queen is the „beloved mother“ of the people. Queen Elizabeth I was no exception. She ruled in an era called the „Renaissance“. Renaissance is an age of rebirth and new beginnings, of leaving the old behind.
The story of a birth is also told in the amniotic sac below the queen on DANGEROUS. Birth and death (EXITUS), which only build a whole as a result of their opposites, are very close to each other on DANGEROUS.

Queen Elizabeth’s reign began in 1558. Exactly 400 years later, the year 58 is the year Michael Jackson was born.
Some coincidences do exist.

Dangerous Cover Jackson: male military (King/Napoleon) versus female tradition (Queen/Elizabeth) and contrasts that form a whole

On Jackson’s DANGEROUS album cover from 1991, military is represented by Napoleon on the left side. This military is opposed by the monarchy through the Queen on the right side. Male military and female monarchy facing each other.

„Michael’s interest in British heredity and rebellion became even more pronounced […] The tradition is still there, the artwork is there, but I’m rebelling against „the system“ in my own way.“

Michael Lee Bush, Designer des King of Pop über die Philosophie in der Power des Jackson 7, 8

Elizabeth I. as the Monn as the moon goddess and the Moonwalker Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson aRt Dangerous Cover 1991 Symbol Queen Elizabeth II and I
Moonwalker 1999 photo Arno Bani
Nacht, Night; Mond, moon

Elizabeth I presented herself as a moon goddess. The pearls in her portraits representing the moon are leading directly to the moonwalker. The blue moonlight and the twinkling stars in the night sky are included. 9, 10

l.: Moonqueen  source
r.: Moonwalker (picture Jackson 1999 from „Michael Jackson“ by Arno Bani, 2010, LE CHENE; Knesebeck Verlag,

Michael Jackson aRt Dangerous Cover  1991 Symbol Queen Elizabeth I and II Moon Moonwalker

„The moon rules over conception, pregnancy, and birth … over every kind of Becoming […] As the lord of ecstasy, the moon commands all ecstasy and all inspiration … The moon is the mystic kettle that contains the milky soma of immortality, the soul bark that transports the dead to heaven […] The moon is the unexplored territory of the soul.“

The Archive For Research In Archetypal Symbolism 11

And the Bird Queen as the moon goddess on DANGEROUS is the perfect counterpart to the King, who represents life and the sun god.

The Moon Goddes, the Moonwalker and the Sun King

Michael Jackson Light and Darkness Moonwalker Sun King

Napoleon I and Queen Elizabeth I would have made a fantastic couple in terms of public relations. But since the peaceful-minded Elizabeth stands in contrast to Napoleon’s sword-rattling war lust, the emperor and the queen relate to each other like night and day.
The symbol of „King and Queen“ probably does not only on DANGEROUS represent ordinary people,

„[…] but divine forces like sun, moon and star: male, female and androgynous. The star stands for the wholeness of the human being, which is beyond the separation of the sexes and can only be achieved by putting male and female together and uniting them.“

The Archive For Research In Archetypal Symbolism 12

May the sun, the moon and the star come together over Michael Jackson in a triumphant jam session on DANGEROUS. And may the king and the queen not only celebrate their wedding on DANGEROUS:

Michael Jackson aRt Dangerous Cover  1991 Symbol Queen Elizabeth II, I and King, Star, Peacock

„Elizabeth I Love You“, Michael Jackson, 1997

The King of Pop and the Queen of Hollywood

Another Dame named Elizabeth played since the middle of the 1980s at the latest an important role in Michael Jackson’s life. The queen of Hollywood, diva Elizabeth Taylor, bonded with Jackson in such a strong, lifelong friendship that even marriage was a topic.
He was the King of Pop and she was the Queen of Hollywood.
Jackson and Taylor shared the horrors of a lost childhood and the horrors about parents who pushed them into the limelight.
Their relationship was so close that in 1993 Elizabeth single-handedly fed Michael in a hospital so that he would survive. A decade later, it was Michael who pushed Elizabeth around in a wheelchair.
At the beginning of their relationship, the gossip mill was bubbling and the press delivered the headline that Michael had built in his home a shrine to Elizabeth Taylor.
Jackson also made this false report at the end of the 1980s a subject of irony in his short film LEAVE ME ALONE, which of course did not stop the gossip press.
And maybe then in 1991, with the release of his DANGEROUS cover, Michael Jackson had decided to actually build a shrine in honor of the Queen of Hollywood. Side by side with „MJ“ on the throne.
By the way, Taylor is famous for her violet eyes. The robe of the Bird Queen reflects this color. And Taylor’s famous love for diamonds may be found in the gem-studded Bird Queen on DANGEROUS as well.
Elizabeth Taylor, by the way, like Elizabeth I and II, was a born Englishwoman.
In honor of Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson composed and performed the song „Elizabeth, I Love You“ in 1997. 13
Elizabeth Taylor was named as godmother for his children by Michael Jackson.
On Elizabeth Taylor’s nightstand, in her bedroom next to her bed, she had two pictures of Michael Jackson until her death. Even Jackson’s suit jacket hung among the clothes in Elizabeth Taylor’s closet.

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