Michael Jackson Art or the magic moment in MOONWALKER

There has always been this special moment of magic hidden in the Michael Jackson way. Magic Michael Jackson also created with this one moment in his 1988 film MOONWALKER. The hidden magic in Michael Jackson’s Art in the famous scene where he transforms into a spaceship in his role as „Michael Jackson“ while fleeing from his pursuers in the 1988 film MOONWALKER. 1

„Michael’s“ antagonist in MOONWALKER is a certain „Mr. BIG“. Mr. BIG is a corrupt character in the film, a leader of unscrupulous, anonymous dark figures. Mr. BIG is a kind of mafia boss who makes money from dealing with drugs. And Mr. BIG chooses three children as targets for his business. At the climax of the film, this Mr. BIG starts shooting and killing the three children. This is the exact moment in MOONWALKER when „Michael“ returns. He had previously transformed into a spaceship. So Michael, in the character of the spaceship, puts himself in the line of fire in front of the children. And MR. BIG attacks. All that can be heard is Michael Jackson’s piercing scream. This is the moment when the magic on screen begins. And as always with Michael Jackson, you just have to look a bit closer. For a tiny moment, this spaceship transforms into the image of Michael Jackson.
Just for a fleeting moment. To protect the children. Michael Jackson had never done anything else.

The magic of Michael Jackson – not only in Moonwalker

Michael Jackson, the artist who loved to surprise his audience by creating the unexpected.

„When I explain magic I mean wonderment, excitement, the unexpected, escapism, creating something that are so incredible and illusions. Uh, to put people in a situation, no matter what it may be, and give them the totally opposite than what they expected. Something so much more than what they thought would happen! Just blow their minds. I like creating magic.”

Michael Jackson, 1983 in an unauthorized Interview. 2
Michael Jackson Moonwalker Magic www_partofhistory_de

Click on this link will take you to YouTube to watch the video that has been created for this magical moment in MOONWALKER.

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