Michael Jackson: Gutierrez + Dimond in the „World of Wonder“

A „reporter“ named Victor Gutierrez misused the name Michael Jackson to fabricate entertainment for pedophiles. Gutierrez was supported by journalists like Diane Dimond, by a film company named „World of Wonder“, by newspapers such as the german „taz“ and by movies such as „Leaving Neverland“. Gutierrez earns his money in unethical ways with fake stories around the name Michael Jackson.

Victor Gutierrez glorifies the physical abuse of young children by adult men as „healthy and normal“. Gutierrez describes the physical and psychological exploitation of children in favor of pedophiles as „a fulfilling sexual relationship“. Gutierrez, in the spirt of the pedophile community, declares child molesters as „lovers“ and complains that those people are condemned by society.

Fugitive Victor Gutierrez: his book was banned by court order in 1999

Pedophiles try to promote child abuse as a „romance“ in the „world of wonders“. They try to avoid responsibility for her crimes. Pedophiles argue that young children should be „free in their sexual choices“ without laws regulating „such things“. 1 Gutierrez also ended one of his 1996 pedophilic fictions in the hope that pedophilia would one day be accepted by the rest of society – meaning us.

But child abuse is a crime and punishable by imprisonment, and therefore pedophiles have been trying to legalize their criminal behavior since the 1970s. Child abusers run the risk of a life behind bars, so they have to find complicated ways to act out their destructive disposition in public under the guise of, for example, an indignant TV report. Part of that are fictitious „documentaries“ about fictitious child abuse in all its disgusting details at prime time on TV. The only requirement for broadcasting is a big name for the ratings: Michael Jackson. The latest example: Pro7 broadcasts „Leaving Neverland“ a four-hour pedophile entertainment show in which the truth plays no role. A disgusting fantasy in two parts. Soundtrack included.

Victor Gutierrez did not know Michael Jackson but he knows NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association. Gutierrez supported this association. They have tried to sell sexual abuse of young children to society since the 1970s as „healthy and normal,“ as „pleasurable, consensual, beautiful.“ Pedophile NAMBLA members claim that their behavior does not cause physical and emotional harm to children, instead – so they claim –  they introduce small children to the erotic „world of wonders“. In the spirit of NAMBLA, in 1996 Gutierrez published disgusting pedophile texts in form of a book in which he expressed his hope that pedophilia would one day no longer be prosecuted.

In 1997, Michael Jackson brought Victor Gutierrez to court. In 1999, Gutierrez pedophilic fantasies that he had published in a book surrounding the name of „Michael Jackson“ were confiscated by court order. In addition, the court ordered Victor Gutierrez to pay Michael Jackson $2.7 million. Gutierrez fled the country. To this day, the trial has been kept quiet by the media.

Gutierrez promoted child abuse – Reporter Dimond promoted Gutierrez

Victor Gutierrez, the man who made money with his pedophile fantasies since the 1990s, portrayed himself in 2009 on the Website of „World of Wonder“ as follows: 2

Small, fat, ugly Latino, lots of lawsuits, not good in bed, reporter, needs a good female attorney or publisher.


Reporter Dimond promoted Gutierrez as a „source“ of their pedophilic fantasies surrounding Jackson. Here: Dimond’s tale of child abuse in a shower on a fictional videotape Quelle:

In 1993 Victor Gutierrez found what he needed: Diane Dimond, American gossip reporter for one of 3

the most aggressively shoddy and dishonest programs on the air. 

Diane Dimond promoted the fantasies of Gutierrez around alleged videos of child abuse. A fantasy involving blood, diarrhea, vaseline, tampons and a shower. Even shortly before Gutierrez was brought to trial in a U.S. court, Dimond presented Gutierrez with his fantasies surrounding Michael Jackson to the audience as a „credible“ source. 4

In 1996, Michael Jackson not only brought Victor Gutierrez to court, but Diane Dimond as well.

Victor Gutierrez, fictional pedophilia and screenwriter Evan Chandler

Victor Gutierrez, the man with the perverse pedophile fantasies, had been connected to Evan Chandler since 1993.  This is where in 1993 the story of an alleged child abuse, the disappointed screenwriter Chandler and his role as the father of 13-year-old Jordan, a King of Pop named Jackson and the fantasist Victor Gutierrez began. It was here in 1993 that screenwriter Chandler came up with the idea for „a certain plan that isn’t just mine„. A plan, in which he had entertainer Michael Jackson accused of child abuse.
Evan Chandler had demanded four movie scripts worth millions from Michael Jackson after the King of Pop refused to fulfill Chandler’s hopes for a Hollywood career. „There will be a massacre if I don’t get what I want“ was to be heard from Chandler, who shortly thereafter presented his 13-year-old son Jordan as a victim. Evan Chandler abused his son for claims of alleged child abuse to negotiate music albums, screenplays and book deals for years. Evan Chandler made his son Jordan the subject of $60 million lawsuits and sold him to the tabloids. In 2005, adult Jordan Chandler obtained a court order that said Evan Chandler was prohibited from getting near to his son.
The traces of Victor Gutierrez with the pedophile reputation can be traced back not only to Evan Chandler. The traces of Victor Gutierrez and his fictions are for years linked to those who cashed in to claim fantasies about child abuse and Michael Jackson.

Q. Did you sell a story to the tabloid?
A. Yes, Sir […] Well, we went to a tabloid.
Q. Which one?
A. It was The Star.
Q. And you wanted money for a story, true?
A. Yes, sir. […]
Q. Do you recall speaking to a book author named Gutierrez?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. And approximately when did you speak to a book author named Gutierrez?
A. I believe that was before we went to Star, and — but I don’t remember the — I don’t remember the date or the time.“

Diaries upon diaries. All secret. (Chandler, Gutierrez and Dimond)

1996: Gutierrez sells Evan Chandlers story as pedophile entertainment

In 1996, Victor Gutierrez sold the story of the alleged child abuse claimed by Evan Chandler and turned it into money.  Gutierrez, in line with his tendency, put Jordan in the role of „Jordy“ in the center of his fantasy tale around the name Michael Jackson. By doing so, he succeeded in beating the brothers Evan and Raymond Chandler for their own book publication.
In 1996 Victor Gutierrez decorated his very own story about Chandler’s allegations with pedophilic details, using two names as figureheads: the boy Jordan Chandler and Michael Jackson. In the spirit of his pedophile concept, Gutierrez titled his book „Michael Jackson was my lover.“ In scribbled children’s handwriting. Subtitled „The secret diary of Jordan Chandler.“ The idea of having a kid describe a guy as a „lover“ just turns the stomach of any normal person, while the pedophile community is stimulated by the title alone.

Victor Gutierrez choice for the title for his very own story

In the inside of his written tale, „reporter“ Gutierrez feasts on an alleged „diary“ from the boy Jordan Chandler. A „diary“ created by screenwriter Evan Chandler. 6 Gutierrez crowns his graphic perversions with dilettantish photographs of the half-naked boy Jordan Chandler and images of open toilet seats. Gutierrez extends his weirdness to the alleged stoning of bleeding lions in Jackson’s private zoo in Neverland and the alleged secret burial of a tortured giraffe.

Gutierrez in TV Sendung zeigt Bilder aus seinem Buch wie offenstehende Toilettendeckel und Unterhosen
TV-Shows gave Gutierrez a platform to promote his book. Under the pretense of a documentary.Quelle

With his book, Victor Gutierrez confronts his readers with that mental diarrhea at which he literally gets excited page by page.
Gutierrez garnished his sick ideas in his book at the expense of the child Jordan Chandler and Michael Jackson with photos. Photos of attorney correspondence from Evan Chandler’s „conducting subtle, behind-the-scenes negotiations toward a quick, quiet and highly profitable settlement.“ Those photos which Evan’s brother Raymond flogged on his website as the crowning achievement of the family business as recently as 2004. Gutierrez reportedly had Evan Chandler’s housecleaner at his service in obtaining the photos. As late as 2006, Gutierrez boasted that he had once arranged „meetings with Jordie“. 7 Gutierrez is allowed to live out his pedophile fantasies for years in appearances on TV-Shows under the guise of coverage. While Gutierrez was doing this, gossip reporter Diane Dimond was assisting him. 8
With Gutierrez, the Chandler Story reached its absolute low point. At one point even the Chandlers distanced themselves from Gutierrez and called him a “ sleazebag“. 9

2004: Chandler sells his „EVANstory“ with traces of pedophilia

Despite all his efforts since 1994 it is only in 2004 that Evan Chandler, under the name of his brother Raymond and for the public’s entertainment, manages to cash in once again with his very own version around the story of his million-dollar claim against the King of Pop. Evan Chandler’s 2004 „EVANstory“ puts the spotlight on: Evan Chandler. A novel that reads like a detective’s tale. Title: „All That Glitters.“ But even Evan and Jordan Chandler, later brought to court by Michael Jackson, denied any of the pedophilic excesses described by Gutierrez. However, what the Chandlers do not deny is their contact to Victor Gutierrez. The question arises: When exactly did the collaboration between Evan Chandler and Victor Gutierrez begin which resulted in pedophilic wishful thinking about the name Michael Jackson?
In court it would turn out that it was even Evan Chandler himself who worked on that fictional but for pedophiles so appealing alleged „diary“ of 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. Victor Gutierrez finally declared in court that it was actually Evan Chandler himself. 10

2005: Dimond sells „her“ Chandler story as „journalistic investigation“. Main source: Victor Gutierrez’s fantasies

Dimond about Gutierrez: 11

„…one of my best sources on the Michael Jackson story … I have never had a doubt about this person, ever …“

For years, Diane Dimond has been the reporters face responsible for spreading the pedophile fantasies from Victor Gutierrez. Diane Dimond’s best „source“ for fabricated child abuse reports about Jackson (that only held up on TV and fell apart in court) was Gutierrez. In 2005, gossip reporter Diane Dimond cashed in on the alleged „diary“ one more time and now gave her very own version of the Chandler story. In Dimond’s version, only Evan is said to have written the „diary“ in question. Evan Chandler, the screenwriting dentist was in Dimond’s story presented to the public as „Dr.“ Chandler. For the purpose of appearing more respectable: „Dr. Chandler began to write things down. He spent hours painstakingly trying to reconstruct a chronology of events. A copy of that 42-page typed document would ultimately find its way to me.“ 12
Screenwriter Evan Chandler’s manuscript, which had already made him a millionaire in 1994 with his allegations against Michael Jackson, thus traveled a long road via the National Enquirer, Victor Gutierrez, Diane Dimond and Raymond Chandler.

In 1996, gossip reporter Dimond took pedophile entertainment to the next level by entertaining her audience with fictitious videotapes of imaginary child abuse under a shower. Breathlessly she used the name of Michael Jackson in her moderation, as well as his underage nephew, the son of his brother Jermaine. In court it turned out once again that such a video never existed. Diane Dimond once again referred to Victor Gutierrez as the source of her pedophile entertainment. On page 214 of his book, Gutierrez even refers to Dimond as a „friend“ and thanked her for „trusting in me“ and „guiding through difficult times.“

Danksagung Gutierrez in seinem Buch an Diane Dimond
Guierrez‘ gratitude for Dimond’s friendship and guidance Quelle

1996 Michael Jackson brought Gutierrez and Dimond to court, Gutierrez flees conviction

In 1996, Jackson sued Gutierrez for millions of dollars for defamation. In the course of this trial, the court, with a jury of twelve, swiftly reached the decision that Gutierrez book with the pedophilic content should be removed from the market via court order. The court also shared Michael Jackson’s opinion on the other matters and issued a verdict against Gutierrez. Gutierrez had already fled the country in panic before the verdict was announced. „Reporter“ Gutierrez with the pedophilic tendencies left behind a mountain of debts after his escape, filed for bankruptcy and never paid the millions to Jackson. 13

Evan Chandler’s teamwork with Gutierrez revealed in court

When Michael Jackson in his trial against Gutierrez and Dimond from 1996 to 1999 also took Evan and Jordan Chandler to task, his lawyers not only laid out Evan Chandler’s marketing strategies but also Chandlers collaboration with Gutierrez. 14 But for what purposes would a father, who sued a celebrity for millions of dollars in a civil lawsuit alleging sexual abuse of his own child, use the cooperation of a pedophile fantasist? Was Gutierrez the source from which Evan Chandler got his ideas? Did Gutierrez generate ideas for Evan Chandler’s attorney Larry Feldman? Feldman, who brought a civil suit against Michael Jackson in court to force him into a million dollar payment. He pressured Jackson by creating written documents with (quote!) „unbelievable details“, really „exquisite“ to „the smallest detail“. Written statements with allegations against Entertainer Michael Jackson which Feldman published via tabloids in order to force Jackson to pay in the civil case. Which fantasies created by Gutierrez did Evan Chandler exploit for his own story extorting Jackson for millions?

Twice, in 1993 and 2003, law enforcement agencies tried to prove accusations of child molestation against Michael Jackson. For years, no evidence was found to support the accusations against Jackson who was finally acquitted of all charges in 2005. What remains are the pedophilic fantasies from the Chandlers, Gutierrez‘, Dimonds and all those others with monetary interests to come.

Victor Gutierrez. A look back (and look to the future?) at the „World of Wonder“

Victor Gutierrez liked to contact authorities and pretend to be an informant for important things. Every authority has to deal with such people who keep coming forward and whose names soon become a joke. Gutierrez liked to fantasize „clues“ in the matter of Jackson. In doing so, he bothered the police, F.B.I. and prosecutors. In the end, Gutierrez bragged about „his contacts“ with the agencies but those were one-sided. Gutierrez marketed himself as a kind of „undercover agent“ on a secret mission. 15


Memorandum des FBI über Gutierrez Anruf 1993
FBI-Memo about worthless calls from Gutierrez. Source:

Gutierrez sells his fantasies to tabloids via Dimond

Gutierrez‘ tales, like those of an alleged Jackson on an alleged „secret videotape“ were bought by tabloids. Literally. TV shows that hired people like Diane Dimond made headlines out of the stuff that even Gutierrez described afterwards as „B.S.“. B.S. that helped this guy -who supports pedophilia- generate thousands of dollars.

„Gutierrez smiled and said „Well, you know how that is. You know how these things are.“ 16

In 1994 even the tabloid „National Enquirer“ refused when they were offered alleged police snapshots of the King of Pop’s alleged penis. Gutierrez name came up as part of that deal. The starting bid? Three million. Cash. 17

Gutierrez sells his fantasies to american TV-channels

In 2004, the American TV-station NBC hired Gutierrez as a „consultant“ and enriched the quality of their reporting about Jackson with pedophilic fantasy. Gutierrez salary is said to have been somewhere around $20,000.

In 2005 the german newspaper „taz“ offers Gutierrez a warm welcome.

In 2005 Gutierrez was welcomed with open arms by the German daily newspaper „taz“. Writer Henning Kober arranged a stage for Gutierrez’s pro-pedophile stories. Gutierrez did not present his conviction in court truthfully but embellished it with the tale of an „undercover reporter“. In that interview with the newspaper „taz“, Gutierrez created out of his conviction and his escape from authorities a mixture of Watergate, Snowden and Munchhausen which he managed to get paid for. 18 Henning Kober and the „taz“ appeared clearly pedophile-friendly with their article about „Jordie“ and titled the report „Es War Liebe“ („It was love“) in the spirit of NAMBLA. The newspaper „Der Spiegel“ stated that the daily newspaper „taz“ had already provided a forum for pedophiles like no other newspaper in the mid-1980s. 19 Henning Kober also worked for the newspaper „Vanity Fair“.

In 2006 filmproduction „World of Wonder“ („Dancing Queen“) wants to turn Gutierrez pedophile fantasies into a movie

In 2006 Gutierrez told the newspaper „GQ“ that he hoped to turn the „love story“ around „Jordie – the boy“ into a movie. 20 Gutierrez also hoped to present his very own fantasized version on screen. About the sexual abuse of a child. With all the graphic, never-before-seen details. A crime that Gutierrez described as a „fulfilling sexual relationship.“

Gutierrez Diagram
The Gutierrez Connections


In 2006, the production company „World of Wonder“ was interested in Gutierrez’s material. Company owners Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato reportedly own the film rights to the judicially prohibited writings:

„We wanted to capture the intoxicating feeling of the first love which was what it was for Jordie, says Bailey.“ 21

That sounds like pedophile entertainment. But Bailey and Barbato from “ World of Wonder“ have a problem: the „nervous audience“. In other words, the audience’s lack of acceptance of pedophilia. It’s a problem that NAMBLA has been trying to address strategically for decades.
A „nervous audience“ consisting of mothers, fathers and, above all, children, must be desensitized until a certain effect of acceptance occurs, thus opening the way for pedophile content of any kind.

Pedophiles claim they take innocent children to a „World of wonder“ only to satisfy their own sick desires

The website of „World of Wonder“ filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato screams sex. So do their films: „101 Rent Boys“ is among their cinematic works, a „great“ (quote) film adaptation about children forced into prostitution. „Very graphic.“ Including instructions on how a prostituted boy should dress, act, think, eat, walk, and flirt. 22

2005 „World of Wonder“ produces the film „Camp Michael Jackson“ as a victory for pedophilia

In 2005, „World of Wonder“ produced a „documentary“ about the court case in which Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation and acquitted of all charges on June 13, 2005. In the twisted world of child molesters, filmmakers Fanton Bailey and Randy Barbato celebrated this acquittal as a pedophile’s „victory.“ They celebrated the hope for making pedophilia legal.

NAMBLA members had abused Michael Jackson throughout his life: they abused him in their fantasies when he was a twelve-year-old on stage, then they abused him as an adult for their own purposes. 23 „World of Wonder“ uses the film „Camp Michael Jackson“ to mark Jackson’s acquittal in 2005 as an acquittal for pedophilic goals. And a first step to desensitize a „nervous“ audience of mothers and children. But they conceal their real problem with the trial: Any sexual contact with minors Jackson was accused of was found to be nonexistent in court. 

2009 „World of Wonder“ congratulates Victor Gutierrez: „Give Jordie a big old sloppy kiss from me…

On Aug. 11, 2009, „World of Wonder“ congratulates Victor Gutierrez in an article on their website for his birthday. They end the greeting with enthusiastic words about Gutierrez pedophilic fantasies focused on the child Jordan Chandler: 24

But it’s a helluva read and Victor is a helluvan investigator. So happy birthday to you, Victor Gutierrez! (And PS: give Jordie a big old sloppy kiss from me if you see him!)“

Gutierrez had his writings about the child Jordan Chandler and Michael Jackson placed on the list maintained by NAMBLA, this association that has attempted to legalize pedophilia since the 1970s and recommends „literature“ for pedophiles. In the preface of the book, Gutierrez gives special thanks to NAMBLA. 25

2013 „World of Wonder“ produced with Ophra Winfrey and LaToya Jackson who gets a hug from Gutierrez

In 2013 „World of Wonder“ produced a „reality show“ with LaToya Jackson, Michael Jackson’s sister. Title: „La-La-La Life with LaToya“. 2627 As part of the Ophra Winfrey Network „OWN“. During the production, Victor Gutierrez manages to hug LaToya Jackson and uploaded the footage of it onto the Internet.

2018 „World of Wonder“ produces on NETFLIX „Dancing Queen“: half-naked children trained by a man

Since 2018, filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato have produced the TV series „Dancing Queen“ with their company „World of Wonder“. In this TV series, countless children appear. The cinematic work of the „World of Wonder“ company is a collection of images of half-naked children’s bodies in ballet dresses, all of whom, with the consent of their mothers, want only one thing: the favor of a man who will train them. A man in drag. Presented to us on NETFLIX. Status: 2019. link to the trailer

2019: Gutierrez imaginations on TV; „Leaving Neverland“ promoted by „World of Wonder“; „NAMBLA“ satisfied since 1993

In March 2019, the American broadcaster HBO released a movie in which two adult men literally spend four hours indulging in detailed narratives about their alleged childhood „sex“ with an adult man. For hours, the worldwide TV audience is bombarded with details of anal sex in particular and child abuse in general, described by both men on camera as a „romance“ and „love affair.“ Accompanied by piano music. Tinted in soft sepia light. In the cozy atmosphere of a studio living room.
Four hours of pedophilic fantasies – what society describes as child abuse – and the once „nervous“ audience is finally desensitized. Hours that recall in their sickening details the court-banned pedophilic book by Victor Gutierrez. That book that Gutierrez in 1996 had concluded with the words: 28

„NAMBLA is pleased that the topic of pedophilia has attracted so much attention through such a famous personage as Michael Jackson“.“

Gutierrez: „NAMBLA is pleased …“ Quelle:

Dan Reed is the director who had hour after hour of alleged child abuse depicted in great detail by two adult men. Reed published these depictions of alleged child abuse under the name „Leaving Neverland“. A movie. He accompanied the unbearable descriptions with an atmospheric soundtrack. The producers sell the soundtrack on CD. In all seriousness. Reed’s production is centered around a famous name for the sake of ratings and money: Michael Jackson.

Dan Reed on his promotional tour for his pedophile entertainment wants to present his piece of work to us as: 29

a fulfilling sexual and emotional relationship at the age of 7 with a 30-year-old manbecause he enjoyed it … and the sex was pleasant.“

Dan Reed, who presents a 7-year-old as a „lover.“ Dan Reed, when directing his piece „Leaving Neverland“ emphasizes in describing alleged victims of child abuse as „lovers“. How familiar sound these codeword-like descriptions in 2019 which only a pedophile could come up with?

Titel "was my lover" von Gutierrez Buch in roter Kinderschrift


It seems that the 1994 Evan Chandler script, with the 1996 Gutierrez pedophile embellishments and the 2006 script by „World of Wonder“ producers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato actually made it onto TV screens worldwide. Under the disguise of being an outrage.
In addition to this a seemingly outraged Fenton Bailey about „Leaving Neverland“ on his „World of Wonder“ website, who excitedly promotes the Gutierrez pedophile texts and a four-hour TV entertainment for the pedophile world: 30

Read the book Michael Jackson Was My Lover by Victor Gutierrez, based on Jordie Chandler’s own account of his relationship with Michael Jackson from the early 90’s. It is explicit, clear-eyed and mirrors so many of the details in this documentary. And yet no publisher would touch the book. So Victor self-published it. We optioned it and wrote a script. No takers.“

This 2019 seemingly outraged Bailey, who as recently as 2006 propagated Gutierrez pedophile fantasy with the following words: 31

„We wanted to capture the intoxicating feeling of first love, which was what this was for Jordie“, says Baily …“


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